Women At Work: More Holiday Parties Mean More Problems

It's early mid-December, which means that the offices that still have the dough to hold holiday parties are about to unleash some free booze on their angst-ridden employees. The Root and The New York Post both have articles today about how to avoid humiliating yourself in front of your higher-ups, and the advice… » 12/08/08 4:40pm 12/08/08 4:40pm

Talking Politics Is Now Okay At Work, Except When It's Not

"You’ve heard that rule about never discussing politics at work?" asks the Times' Lisa Belkin » 10/02/08 3:20pm 10/02/08 3:20pm. "That’s so last election." Nowadays, one survey found that 67% of respondents thought political discussion at the office was totally okay. Publicist Rachel Kempster used to be bothered by political talk at work. Now she says, "I…

Mad Men: Women Are The Ultimate Power Players In Office Politics

I kind of love when the guys on Mad Men » 9/08/08 6:00pm 9/08/08 6:00pm get really sexist and offensive and act like they're better in the workforce than women, because it only helps to further illuminate how they're not. Take for example, the showdown between Joan and Jane on last night's episode. Both women are well aware just how smart and…

When Does Getting Fired Feel Too Much Like Getting Dumped?

Yesterday's post about voters' breakup letters to Hillary Clinton prompted a reader to bring up a fascinating topic: being "dumped" by another important constituency that is not your boyfriend, which is to say, your boss. It has happened to all of us — or anyway, me — which is to say: Male boss hires female employee;… » 4/23/08 2:20pm 4/23/08 2:20pm

Babies At The Office: Distracting Or Delightful?

Bring your daughter to work day is well, any day ending in "-day" for some companies. According to The Guardian, over 80 U.S. companies allow new parents to bring babies to work anytime they want. This information comes from a non-profit organization called Parenting At Work, and a quick perusal of the companies that… » 4/08/08 1:30pm 4/08/08 1:30pm

Reader Roundup

Best Comment of the Day, in response to Girls Gone Wild: Mag Hag: "Every time I see those commercials, selling the videos 2 for $9.99, I always think how sad it must feel to know your tits are on a DVD being sold for less than $5." We say: our tits are worth at least a Hamilton. • Worst, in response to How Do You Deal… » 2/08/08 5:30pm 2/08/08 5:30pm

Would You Try The "Coworker Diet"?

A story in today's New York Post claims that the "Co-Worker Diet" is all the rage in Manhattan offices. Basically, colleagues try to lose weight... together! Jacqueline Dolly, a 38-year-old senior director of marketing for a non-profit, is doing it with 10 coworkers. "When you're trying to lose weight by yourself, it's… » 11/27/07 4:20pm 11/27/07 4:20pm

The Dude In The Cubicle Next To You May Be Silently Weeping

Bursting into tears isn't just for chicks anymore! According to a story in the Times of London, one in three men have cried at the office. The story comes in response to a Wall Street Journal piece claiming that weeping in the workplace is gaining acceptance. "Admittedly, tears can be a management challenge for bosses,"… » 8/13/07 1:40pm 8/13/07 1:40pm

Your Coworker With The Candy And Cookies Is Trying To Make You Fat

The modern workplace is rife with obstacles. Glass ceilings. Sexual harassers. Unpaid maternity leave. Creepy delivery guys. And eating underminers! The UK's Daily Telegraph reports that your eager-to-please, perky, perfectionist 24-year-old assistant - you know, the one with the big, constantly-refilled bowl of M&Ms on … » 7/02/07 2:10pm 7/02/07 2:10pm