What to Do When You Find Out a Coworker Makes More Than You Do

Aaargh. You just found out that your coworker makes more than you do, even though you both do the same kind of work, you’ve been there longer, and you do a better job. You feel demoralized, insulted by your not-such-a-great friend employer, and resentful of your coworker. Before you protest, here’s how to handle the… »8/28/15 1:03pm8/28/15 1:03pm


App That Lets You Rate Your Coworkers Sounds Like the Worst Idea Ever

Relationships with coworkers are tricky—ideally you want to be friendly but professional, close enough to have fun but not so close you can't maintain boundaries, assertive but not overbearing, aware of the inherent competition without undermining anyone. So that's why Knozen, a new app that "let[s] users compare… »7/02/14 12:00pm7/02/14 12:00pm

Talking Politics Is Now Okay At Work, Except When It's Not

"You’ve heard that rule about never discussing politics at work?" asks the Times' Lisa Belkin »10/02/08 3:20pm10/02/08 3:20pm. "That’s so last election." Nowadays, one survey found that 67% of respondents thought political discussion at the office was totally okay. Publicist Rachel Kempster used to be bothered by political talk at work. Now she…

Mad Men: Women Are The Ultimate Power Players In Office Politics

I kind of love when the guys on Mad Men »9/08/08 6:00pm9/08/08 6:00pm get really sexist and offensive and act like they're better in the workforce than women, because it only helps to further illuminate how they're not. Take for example, the showdown between Joan and Jane on last night's episode. Both women are well aware just how smart and…

The Dude In The Cubicle Next To You May Be Silently Weeping

Bursting into tears isn't just for chicks anymore! According to a story in the Times of London, one in three men have cried at the office. The story comes in response to a Wall Street Journal piece claiming that weeping in the workplace is gaining acceptance. "Admittedly, tears can be a management challenge for… »8/13/07 1:40pm8/13/07 1:40pm

Your Coworker With The Candy And Cookies Is Trying To Make You Fat

The modern workplace is rife with obstacles. Glass ceilings. Sexual harassers. Unpaid maternity leave. Creepy delivery guys. And eating underminers! The UK's Daily Telegraph reports that your eager-to-please, perky, perfectionist 24-year-old assistant - you know, the one with the big, constantly-refilled bowl of M&Ms… »7/02/07 2:10pm7/02/07 2:10pm