World's Cutest Kid Explains Why He Doesn't Eat Octopus

I know we say things are the world's cutest or best every five minutes. There are two reasons for this: 1. We are hyperbolic, hysterical women; and 2. Things just keep getting better and better, baby! This time, we bring you the New Truth, in the form of the legit world's cutest kid FOR REAL, Luiz Antonio. Take it… » 6/02/13 8:30pm 6/02/13 8:30pm

The Rorshach Test For Princess Beatrice's Hat

The royal wedding is over and done with, but Princess Beatrice's hat lives on in infamy! Since everyone has an opinion about her chapeau, and it's fun to play amateur psychiatrist, we present: What What You Think Beatice's Hat Looks Like Says About You. » 5/02/11 3:40pm 5/02/11 3:40pm

Paul The Oracle Octopus Dies

Paul, the octopus who correctly predicted this year's World Cup results, died of natural causes today at the ripe old age of 2½ years. Though German fans wanted to eat him, he'll be buried and given a "modest permanent shrine." » 10/26/10 3:46pm 10/26/10 3:46pm

World Cup-Predicting Octopus Is Right, And German Fans Want Him Dead

Paul, an octopus living in a German zoo, has successfully predicted the winner of all of Germany's World Cup matches, including last night's loss to Spain. Now some fans want to literally grill Paul, believing his prophecies influence superstitious players. » 7/08/10 12:55pm 7/08/10 12:55pm