Please Don't Let Your Selfie Habit Take Over Your Life

Thanks to ubiquitous camera phones, selfies—like 'em or loathe 'em—are now simply standard Internet operating procedure. No doubt *yours* are empowering and totally not irritating to your friends and followers. But it seems that, combined with something like body dysmorphic disorder, selfies can be more harm than help. »3/24/14 11:30am3/24/14 11:30am

He Has OCD and Aspergers, and He Wants to Fall in Love With You

Everyone has baggage. Some of us have heaps and heaps of matching luggage we tote with us everywhere we go; some of us have suitcases of issues that seem small but weigh us down; many of us have quirks and idiosyncrasies that swing between annoying and charming. And then there are those of us who have mental and… »4/02/13 11:50am4/02/13 11:50am

Dogs That Chase Their Tails May Be Totally OCD, Says Science

Owning a dog brings many joys and frustrations. For instance, in order to chaperone my dog from puppyhood into young adulthood, I have been forced to perform all of the following duties, sometimes simultaneously: listen to her plaintive wails while she was being crate trained, clean another dog's poop out of her face… »11/04/12 5:01pm11/04/12 5:01pm

Nail Biting Will Soon Abdicate Status as Annoying Bad Habit and Be Placed in Same Category as OCD

Nail biting is serious — even the Berenstain Bears knew so and they're bears. Imaginary bears. It's taken psychiatry almost 27 years to catch up with imaginary bears, but let us not quibble with the slow, ponderous locomotive that is modern medicine. Let's instead learn all about how nail biters might be deeply… »10/03/12 3:00pm10/03/12 3:00pm

Oprah Helps Grown Man Go Poo Poo On The Potty

Yesterday's Oprah was all about people with extreme obsessive compulsive disorder. She shipped a group of them off to a camp with Dr. Oz and an OCD specialist, both of whom were given the difficult task of helping one man overcome his fear of sitting on a toilet seat — any toilet seat. The guy can't even crap on the… »5/22/08 11:00am5/22/08 11:00am