Men Delivering Babies: The End of a Two-Century Fad 

When I was pregnant for the first time, I insisted on a male obstetrician. I believed that men had better reflexes, performed better under pressure, and were more technically competent than women. I thought that for the same reason I used to think God made Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve, the same reason I thought… »7/08/15 4:10pm7/08/15 4:10pm


Law That Gives Away Identities of Women Having Abortions Couldn't Possibly Backfire

Republican state legislators continue to demonstrate their commitment to creating jobs by tirelessly working to craft legislation that's so ridiculous that it keeps thousands of bloggers, fact checkers, health care advocates, and attorneys afloat during these difficult economic times. The latest wacky turn is courtesy… »3/19/12 5:20pm3/19/12 5:20pm