Great, Now Schools Are Sending Letters Home With Fat Kids

Today in Shitty Happenings in Our Public Education System, schools in North Andover, MA are now sending letters home with kids who are considered underweight, overweight, and obese according to their BMI. This is especially bullshit because letters home in grade school are supposed to be for awesome stuff like field… »2/28/13 11:40am2/28/13 11:40am


Even With IVF, Underweight Women Struggle To Conceive

It may not come as a surprise that women who are underweight have trouble conceiving, since they sometimes struggle with irregular periods. What's more surprising is that even IVF, which doctors thought would compensate for these problems, is still less effective in underweight women than in those at a healthy weight,… »10/21/11 10:10am10/21/11 10:10am