The Obamas and Jolie-Pitts Combat Gender Stereotypes This Christmas

When it comes to giving presents and dealing with family during the holidays, gender is a difficult subject to broach. Even when going to buy presents, it's impossible not to be swept up in the hype of "girl toys" and "boy toys." Luckily, The President, The First Lady and The Jolie-Pitts are being excellent role… » 12/24/14 4:00pm 12/24/14 4:00pm

The Obamas Watched Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing on Their First Date

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Spiky Lee's iconic Do the Right Thing, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art hosted a screening, reception, and Q&A with the director. Before the screening, however, Lee announced that there was a surprise in store for everyone—a video message from the POTUS and FLOTUS. » 6/29/14 1:30pm 6/29/14 1:30pm

NYDN Site Runs Paparazzi Pic of Sasha Obama's Butt in Jean Shorts

Twelve-year-old Sasha Obama went shopping in New York City yesterday, and today, the New York Daily News published a small photo-driven item titled "Sasha Obama Steps Out in Soho." The daughter of Barack Obama was wearing the teeny tiny shorts of the sort Chloë Sevigny calls "denim underwear," and the paper's… » 6/25/13 3:15pm 6/25/13 3:15pm

Jerk Journalist Doesn't Give a Shit About Standards, Writes About Sasha…

Matthew Boyle, a "reporter" at Breitbart.com, just yesterday penned an exclusive piece in which he abandons journalistic conventions as well as common decency by revealing the location of Sasha and Malia Obama's spring break. The first sentence of his article reads: "A source tipped Breitbart News off to the First… » 3/26/13 6:40pm 3/26/13 6:40pm

The White House Doesn't Want Bikini-Body Obsessed World Leering at…

Last week, President Barack Obama and his family were in Hawaii for their annual Christmas vacation. Photographers captured several moments of POTUS during the trip, including a jaunt to a shave ice shop and a golf outing. Some vacation shots, like this one, are actually released by the White House itself. But when a… » 1/08/13 12:50pm 1/08/13 12:50pm

President and First Lady Celebrate their 20th Anniversary With…

Tonight, the Mitt hits the fan when President Obama and Governor Romney face each other in a talking points slapfest we call a Presidential Debate for the first time this election season. But today's also another important date in the Obama family calendar: Barack and Michelle's 20th anniversary. To celebrate, the… » 10/03/12 6:30pm 10/03/12 6:30pm

Don't You Wish Obama Was Your Basketball Coach, Too?

Get ready to aww: President Obama is coaching his daughter Sasha's basketball team, and he's not taking his duties lightly. "He hasn't missed a game," the First Lady said of his devotion. "I think he was hoping to get this weekend off, but I'm gone." Apparently, if there's no game scheduled, he'll take his kids and… » 2/11/12 5:30pm 2/11/12 5:30pm

Meghan McCain: Obamas Deserve an 'Emoticon' of Privacy

Depending on your feelings on Meghan McCain, this clip either shows that we all misspeak sometimes, or demonstrates the dangers of nepotism. Today on MSNBC, McCain declared the Obamas deserve an "emoticon" of privacy, then repeated the word in case anyone didn't hear her. Feel free to speculate on what that might look… » 1/09/12 9:17pm 1/09/12 9:17pm

Not Even an 'Explosive' New Book Can Make the First Lady Seem Unlikable

New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor has a new book coming out this week called The Obamas, about—as you might have guessed from the title—the Obamas. For the book, which many are calling "explosive" for its revelations about the very private Obama White House, Kantor says she interviewed 33 members of Obama's staff.… » 1/08/12 6:35pm 1/08/12 6:35pm