Conservative Twitter Shitstorm Erupts Over Obama Web Graphic Named Julia

Today, the Obama campaign launched some pretty adorable reelection propaganda in The Life of Julia, a web project that highlights the ways that Barack Obama's policies would theoretically benefit a woman throughout her stages in life and how Mitt Romney's proposed policies could leave women out in the cold.… »5/03/12 4:00pm5/03/12 4:00pm

Anna Wintour Is Putting Designers to Work for the Obama Campaign

Anna Wintour is apparently pulling strings to get fashion brands to design merchandise for Barack Obama's reelection. Under Wintour's program, called Runway to Win, goods from 22 designers including t-shirts, totes, and scarves will go on sale online this Thursday. Wintour has been a prominent Democratic fundraiser,… »1/09/12 12:40pm1/09/12 12:40pm