Obama Is the First-Ever Sitting President to Cover Out's 100 Issue

According to the editors of Out magazine, the publication’s annual 100 issue is meant to showcase a snapshot of the past year in LGBT+ history, with the community’s biggest movers and shakers getting some well-deserved recognition for both bravery and achievement. This year, the cover belongs to President Obama, the… »11/10/15 3:04pm11/10/15 3:04pm


Carly Fiorina Backtracks on '92 Percent' Job Loss Claim

During the most recent GOP presidential debate, Carly Fiorina made a claim that 92% of the job losses in President Obama’s first term belonged to women. Fiorina was in fact, wrong, as several news outlets pointed out she had copied a previously debunked statistic used during the 2012 election by Mitt Romney. By the… »11/01/15 6:35pm11/01/15 6:35pm

Obama Administration Will Spend $300 Million on Reducing HIV Rates Among African Women

The Obama administration said today that it is dedicating an additional $300 million to reduce HIV infection rates among women and girls in 10 African countries. The Associated Press reports that the administration is aiming at “25 percent infection reduction in females between ages 15-24 by the end of next year and a… »9/26/15 1:45pm9/26/15 1:45pm

Anthony Anderson Wants President Obama to Guest Star on Black-ish

There’s a chance Obama could be making a future appearance on the show Black-ish. Anthony Anderson told E! he was petitioning for the president and first lady to guest star. “They watch the show. They love it. We know them so we’ve been dealing with them and their people and hopefully they’ll say yes.” Anderson found… »9/21/15 11:00pm9/21/15 11:00pm

Wife of Israeli Minister Apologizes After Calling Obama 'Black and Weak'

Judy Shalom Nir Mozes, an Israeli TV personality and the wife of Israeli interior minister Silvan Shalom, has apologized after tweeting a racist joke about President Obama on Sunday, four days after a gun-wielding racist killed nine black community leaders inside Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.
»6/22/15 1:10pm6/22/15 1:10pm

Well-Dressed Met Gala Attendees To Be Stuck In Traffic Tonight

A perfect storm of rich, powerful, and well-dressed people attending two high-profile events I wasn’t invited to will make traffic in Manhattan a mess this afternoon. Page Six is reporting that Vogue has warned attendees of tonight’s Met Gala that “traffic will be heavy because the President will be in town [for a… »5/04/15 2:30pm5/04/15 2:30pm

Obama's Mom 'Must Have Been a Muslim' Says Billy Graham's Honest Son 

President and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Rev. Franklin Graham either completely slept through 2008 (when we all learned exhaustively about President Obama's upbringing), or is suffering from a grave lapse in memory. According to Talking Points Memo, the evangelical Reverend told the Family… »3/14/15 3:45pm3/14/15 3:45pm

A Woman's Wish List for Tonight's State of the Union Address

We already know what the centerpiece of President Obama's State of the Union address will be tonight: tax hikes on wealthy couples making over $500,000 a year. That's great. Tax 'dem couples. Tax 'em until they have to shave off a week from their kid's summer-long stay at an equestrian camp in the Adirondacks so… »1/20/15 5:10pm1/20/15 5:10pm

John Boehner Issues Obama 'Takedown' Via Taylor Swift Gif Listicle

In what is surely a false flag operation designed to redirect attention from Speaker of the House John Boehner's simmering unpopularity, close call with a country club would-be murderer and insightful suggestions that President Obama has "forgotten" what the Constitution "means"—the official Speaker.Gov website is now… »1/16/15 12:00pm1/16/15 12:00pm