(Mostly) Raw Vegan Pacifist Pens Epic Passive-Aggressive Note

This note, unearthed by The Bold Italic, is pretty much the most perfect passive-aggressive note one can receive in their mailbox from a neighbor. It's got everything: humor, pathos, an antichrist symbol left on a doorstep, and a screaming match with a poodle. It's basically a Stephen Sondheim musical waiting to… »6/20/14 12:05pm6/20/14 12:05pm

Student in Wheelchair Beaten By Security Guard, Second Suspect Named

Last week security footage of a harrowing incident at Oakland High School in Oakland, California made the news. In the video, a student in a wheelchair is seen being beaten by a school security guard and then dumped out of his chair. Now new video has emerged that shows that two security guards abused Francisco… »6/04/14 9:30pm6/04/14 9:30pm

Woman Beat Daughter's Classmate With a Hammer In School Bathroom

A third-grader was violently beaten at an Oakland, California school on Friday. Police state that the attacker, another child's mother, lured the girl into a bathroom and then hit her repeatedly with a hammer. Police also state that this was a targeted attack and that it was the result of a family feud. And as we all… »6/01/14 5:07pm6/01/14 5:07pm