The Corrupted Race For Female Viagra

When filmmaker Liz Canner was hired by a pharmaceutical company racing to produce the first female Viagra on the market, she got an insider's look at the unethical business of Female Sexual Dysfunction, which she hilariously documents in Orgasm Inc. » 1/05/11 7:14pm 1/05/11 7:14pm

Mariah Carey Puts Out Stage Fire

Today in Tweet Beat, Mariah Carey averts stage disaster by extinguishing electrical fire, Yoko Ono gets introspective, and Pamela Anderson dumps out her purse. » 5/17/10 8:00pm 5/17/10 8:00pm

Lies Magazines Tell: Anatomy Of An Orgasm How-to Story

July Glamour's cover promises "Amazing Sex Every Time!" Yet the inside contains ... more of the same boring, unhelpful advice. We used this month's worthless wonder to break down the magazine orgasm how-to story into its crappy component parts. » 6/22/09 4:00pm 6/22/09 4:00pm