Marc Jacobs Imagines a World Where Everyone Just Ignores Last Names

When it comes to the fashion industry, I am Anne Hathaway’s character in The Devil Wears Prada, just after that Meryl Streep’s monologue about the life and death of a trend: largely indifferent yet strangely intimidated. And, after reading the profile of Marc Jacobs in this month’s New York Times Style Magazine, I… »8/24/15 7:00pm8/24/15 7:00pm


Quirky Man Woos, Eventually Marries Woman By Quirkily Faving Her Tweets

The New York Times’ Vows section is a great place to read painfully dull love stories about couples with higher net worths than you. They tend to be about people who are so blinded by love of their love that they share every part of it—from the paint-by-numbers first date to the outfit she wore when he proposed—as if… »8/10/15 12:15pm8/10/15 12:15pm

Trend Alert: Hot Women Are Wearing More Clothes

In 2006, Regina Spektor proclaimed that summer in New York City means “cleavage, cleavage, cleavage.” But that was nine years ago. According to the Times, summer in the city now means “socks (black ones), suede pants (in June!), turtlenecks, children’s denim jackets, tights, long rayon skirts and chunky flatforms.”… »6/18/15 2:10pm6/18/15 2:10pm

Progress! NY Times Wedding Announcement Openly Discusses Abortion

Signs of real social progress are often very subtle. They ought to be, by nature, since real progress is really a process of normalization. When same-sex marriage doesn’t merit the “same-sex” modifier, for instance, in most mainstream news publications, it’s a signal that most members of our society think beyond the… »9/02/13 2:00pm9/02/13 2:00pm

Everyone's Obsessed with This Crazy NY Times Wedding Story

The New York Times' wedding story about how professional juggler Lindsay Benner and pyrotechnic sculptor Dan Das Mann met, fell in love, and burned for each other like a brushfire, is pretty epic. What I mean is, if James Cameron and David Lynch were going to co-direct a romantic comedy, they'd buy the rights to the… »6/23/13 6:00pm6/23/13 6:00pm

Lest We Forget, Brown Kids Absolutely Deserve More Brown Superheroes

As great as Andrew Garfield was in The Amazing Spider-Man, do you guys remember that major Twitter petition to get Community actor-cum-rapper Childish Gambino Donald Glover in as Peter Parker? Even Stan Lee was down with the idea. Even as the idea of canon superheroes widens to fit more archetypes of girls and women… »6/15/13 12:30pm6/15/13 12:30pm

Awful New York Times Obit for Rocket Scientist Rhapsodizes About Her Beef Stroganoff

Yvonne Brill, a rocket scientist who in the 70s invented a propulsion system to help keep satellites from straying out of their orbits like distracted puppies, died on Wednesday at the age of 88. Brill's system became the industry standard for satellites, and her contribution to the rocket science racket proved so… »3/31/13 1:00pm3/31/13 1:00pm

Younger Generation Totally Over Sex, Proclaims Someone in Older Generation

Fear of Flying author Erica Jong argues that this generation of young people have grown bored with sex. She knows this because she hangs out with young female writers sometimes, and they're apparently gazing wistfully to the morals of the 1950's, back before Erica Jong and her ilk made pre- and extra-marital sex fun… »7/10/11 2:00pm7/10/11 2:00pm

In yesterday's "Week in Review" section of the NY Times, Anand Giriharadas tackled last we

In yesterday's "Week in Review" section of the NY Times, Anand Giriharadas tackled last week's terrorist attacks in Mumbai and the "personal" turn they took. A few pages later, Op-Ed columnist Nick Kristof inveighed against another type of "personal terrorism", that committed against the large numbers of Pakistani and… »12/01/08 1:40pm12/01/08 1:40pm

PETA's Ingrid Newkirk defends her organization's objectification of women in a letter published in t

PETA's Ingrid Newkirk defends her organization's objectification of women in a letter published in today's NY Times. Over at the LA Times, Newkirk weighs in on the head of the Humane Society, Wayne Pacelle, calling him a "very charming man" with a "slower approach." [NY Times, LA Times] »7/21/08 9:40am7/21/08 9:40am