Pregnant Woman Thrown to Pavement Stomach First by NYPD

Sandra Amezquita, a six-month pregnant woman from Sunset Park, Brooklyn, was thrown to the ground stomach first by a New York City police officer after she attempted to intervene when the NYPD was arresting her 17-year-old son. Amezquita was bruised and suffered vaginal bleeding following the camera-recorded incident. » 9/24/14 2:00pm 9/24/14 2:00pm

NYC Teachers Wear Shirts to Support Cops After Cop Murders Black Man

So hot right now: white people showing support for white cops who kill unarmed black people. The latest group to hop on this bandwagon is New York City public school teachers who, after expressly being told to refrain from wearing pro-cop shirts to the first days of school, are going to go ahead ahead and keep wearing… » 9/05/14 11:30am 9/05/14 11:30am

Legalizing Prostitution Could Lower the Spread of HIV By One-Third

Here's a crazy thought; legalizing prostitution could reduce the number of international HIV infections for female sex workers by at least a third in several countries. Health experts presented this new research drawn from Canada, India and Kenya during the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia on… » 7/24/14 4:20pm 7/24/14 4:20pm

Occupy Protester Could Serve 7 Years for Her Own Sexual Assault

Almost three years later, the consequences of Occupy Wall Street are still being felt, especially for Cecily McMillan. The protester was found guilty of striking a police office yesterday without provocation, though McMillan's camp maintains that she elbowed him in self-defense, after he grabbed her right breast. » 5/06/14 6:15pm 5/06/14 6:15pm

Amanda Bynes Announces Plan to Sue NYPD, Get Plastic Surgery

Now that Amanda Bynes has finished randomly lashing out at Rihanna, she's moved on to her next, probably more deserving target: the NYPD. Monday morning, Bynes took to Twitter to announce her plans to sue the NYPD, her apartment complex, and possibly (the rant is difficult to understand) the hospital in which she was… » 5/27/13 1:55pm 5/27/13 1:55pm

Sex Workers and Anti-Trafficking Groups Want To End Condoms as Evidence

Sex workers, anti-trafficking groups, the New York Civil Liberties Union, public health advocates, and LGBTQ organizations are today lobbying the lawmakers of New York state to pass a bill that would make the possession of condoms inadmissible as evidence in criminal prosecutions of prostitution and related offenses.… » 4/23/13 2:05pm 4/23/13 2:05pm

Thoroughly Incompetent Gentleman Tried Kidnapping Himself to Avoid…

A Brooklynite police are describing as "a total moron" admitted to faking (poorly) his own kidnapping in order to get out of explaining a two-week disappearance to his girlfriend. Rahmell Pettway apparently has learned exactly zero of the hundreds of sitcom lessons about how lying only compounds your problems, forcing… » 3/03/13 5:30pm 3/03/13 5:30pm

Former NYPD Officer Acquitted of Rape Unsurprisingly Determined an…

Kenneth Moreno, one of the pithily nicknamed NYPD "rape cops" who was cleared on all but three charges of "official misconduct" despite a preponderance of evidence (including surveillance footage) suggesting that he raped a woman in her apartment while his partner played lookout, is back in the courts, this time… » 12/22/12 2:30pm 12/22/12 2:30pm

New York Police Officer Buys Shoes for Barefoot Homeless Man, Says 'I…

Stop the presses — there's some heartwarming news coming out of the NYPD! Yesterday, a photo depicting an unknown New York City cop giving a pair of winter boots to a homeless man went viral after the woman who took it (a tourist and fellow police officer from Arizona) posted the picture to the NYPD's Facebook page… » 11/30/12 4:20pm 11/30/12 4:20pm

NYPD's 'Cannibal Cop' Has a Mom Who Loves Him: 'The Whole World Thinks…

Just more proof that life isn't fair: of all the toxic asshole moms you know—maybe yours is one of them!—the Cannibal Cop has unconditional, staunch maternal love. 25-year-old NYPD officer and would-be cannibal Gilberto Valle, who was arrested by the FBI in late October for his extensive online plans to kill, cook and… » 11/24/12 2:30pm 11/24/12 2:30pm

NYC Cop Allegedly Plotted to Cook and Eat Women. Really.

I never thought I'd long for the days where the most despicable thing a New York Police Department officer was accused of was raping women, but here we are: a cop was arrested yesterday in Queens by the FBI "on suspicion of a federal kidnapping conspiracy in which he discussed cooking and eating female body parts,… » 10/25/12 2:20pm 10/25/12 2:20pm

'Rape Cops' Say All Charges Should Be Cleared Since They Were Just…

Remember the charmingly-nicknamed NYPD "rape cops" who were acquitted of rape and burglary but charged with "official misconduct" back in 2011 for having sex with a drunk woman whose taxi driver had called 911 out of concern for her wellbeing? (Not to be confused with that other "rape cop," Michael Pena, who struck a… » 10/23/12 11:40am 10/23/12 11:40am

'Rape Cop' Michael Pena Finally Pleads Guilty to Rape in the Hope of…

We can always count on the New York Post for its pithy headlines, like the one early this morning that proclaimed, "Rape-monster cop finally admits it." The "rape-monster cop" in question is the now-infamous former-NYPD officer Michael Pena, and the "it" is the rape of a schoolteacher at gunpoint last August. Pena… » 6/22/12 12:30pm 6/22/12 12:30pm