Willie Nelson, Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney: Fashion Week's Stony Bro Inspo

During Wednesday evening’s Republican debates, some of the hopefuls admitted to America that not only had they “tried weed,” but that their stances on drug policy was the least offensive of all their platforms. “I think if we left it open, we could see how many people smoked pot in high school,” said Rand Paul,… »9/18/15 2:05pm9/18/15 2:05pm

NYFW: Proenza Schouler Shows Super-Feminine Dots & Ruffles That Do Not Suck

Fuck a peplum! Is the thing Proenza Schouler seemed to say for Spring, a flounce that connotes the ultimate femininity but, ironically, looks malformed on those of us with hips. How to solve it? Give it cut-outs and let it lie gently below them, the waistline as hinge and, hey, a little give for when you’ve eaten too… »9/18/15 11:15am9/18/15 11:15am

Sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid Dominated NYFW

The Hadid sisters are officially having their moment, and New York Fashion Week was where they made that moment known. While Gigi’s been doing quite all right as a model for some time, Spring/Summer 2016 was apparently the season Bella stepped it up herself. Each sister walked shows individually, but they were also… »9/17/15 3:45pm9/17/15 3:45pm

What Does This Fashion Even Mean?

Fashion Week is a time when the industry’s most influential designers showcase their latest work at star-studded events during which famous and/or influential people sit silently—often in sunglasses—while watching tall, silent, pretty people walk up and down runways wearing what may or may not be the trends, or… »9/14/15 5:50pm9/14/15 5:50pm

I Have Questions About Alexander Wang's Hooters- and Strip Club-Themed Afterparty

After showing a Spring 2016 collection that included fashion Tevas and late ‘90s style rave looks, Alexander Wang hosted a ten-year anniversary party meant to recreate the atmosphere of famed Miami “gentleman’s” club King of Diamonds, as catered by Hooters. »9/14/15 11:21am9/14/15 11:21am

NYFW: Givenchy's First New York Runway Show Was a Tribute to 9/11

Givenchy’s first-ever show during New York Fashion Week was meant to mark its new Manhattan flagship store, and in the spirit of giving they raffled off tickets on their website to commoners with trigger internet-fingers. But the scene was anything but normal: with an hourlong performance art intro directed by Marina… »9/11/15 9:08pm9/11/15 9:08pm

NYFW: Andrea Jiapei Li's Cool-Girl Utopian Army

Last season, Andrea Jiapei Li debuted the now-classic (in my heart) “cozy ghost” look during her spot on V-Files’ show, featuring the best rubbery oversized pullover sweatshirt tent. For Spring 2016, themed “Just Kids,” the New York designer sheared down the material and showed superhuman downtown droid chicas,… »9/11/15 5:50pm9/11/15 5:50pm

NYFW: How Much Do You Hate This Pink-on-Pink Rosie Assoulin Look?

Here is a look from Rosie Assoulin’s Spring 2016 collection, held today in a drained Manhattan swimming pool. It is pink on pink on pink, and so fucking ugly that I absolutely love it in its Chilli from TLC status; my colleague, Ellie Shechet, disagrees. “I literally hate that so much,” she typed at me in the private… »9/11/15 3:30pm9/11/15 3:30pm

NYFW: Don't Talk to Rihanna Like That, You Fool

Who knows what this look was about, at Rihanna’s fashion week party Thursday night at the New York Edition, but one can only assume it was some dirty boy talking greasy to a woman way out of his league (and in front of her grandfather, no less). The thirst surrounding her, from cell phone pics to everyone trying to… »9/11/15 12:20pm9/11/15 12:20pm

NYFW: London Design Duo Namilia Thinks Outside the Cocks

Backstage at the V-Files runway show Wednesday night, a model’s “Think Outside the Cocks” heart-shaped wing over latex was adorned with peeled bananas and looked like the donut version of a Valentine’s Day card sticker. the piece, made by British design duo Namilia, challenged us: can you look at this banana donut… »9/10/15 4:30pm9/10/15 4:30pm

Happy NY Fashion Week! Here's What Designers Were Showing 15 Years Ago

It seems as though every New York Fashion Week ushers in a new thinky essay from some industry vet talking about how it all used to be so much better (which I don’t doubt). This season’s missive reminding us that everything sucks now comes from the New York Times’s Guy Trebay. »9/10/15 11:10am9/10/15 11:10am

Thirst Trap, Fashion Week Edition: Givenchy Moves Runway Shows to NYC

Can you hear that high-pitched squealing in the distance, seeping into your earholes at the quiet, desperate decibel of a rubber balloon slowly bloodletting molecules of helium? That is your psychic vision of the thirst that will accompany invites to the Givenchy runway show when it relocates from Paris to New York… »7/01/15 7:20pm7/01/15 7:20pm