Cab Driver Must Pay $10K For Telling Lesbian Couple To Stop Kissing

Not everyone is down for PDA, which is understandable, but in the case of NYC cab driver Mohammad Dahbi, his aversion to public makeouts came with a $10,000 price. Why? Because he’s a bigoted assholio who told a lesbian couple that they couldn’t kiss in his cab during their ride home. A court ordered Dahbi to pay the… »4/12/15 5:30pm4/12/15 5:30pm

Why One Store Commissioned New York's New 'RIP Taylor Swift' Mural

Taylor Swift's new position as New York City's "Global Welcome Ambassador for Tourism" (complete with her own theme song) has been met with much chagrin from New Yorkers, which makes a lot a sense seeing as it's NYC's equivalent to "putting a bird on it." But one boutique in Manhattan's Lower East Side has responded… »11/05/14 1:30pm11/05/14 1:30pm

Taylor Swift Replaces a Rabid Rat as NYC's New Welcome Ambassador

Courtesy the song "Welcome To New York," Taylor Swift has been named "NYC's Global Welcome Ambassador for Tourism," making one wonder if the song was just a super-genius Bloombergian scheme hatched by Swift and the tourism board to promote 1989 and also all those fugnacious condos they keep letting people build. »10/27/14 6:10pm10/27/14 6:10pm

How to Ignore a Man Who Is Trying to Pick You Up on the Subway

A 48-year-old New York City Man by the name of Brian Robinson has penned an instructional manual called How to Meet Women on the Subway. In a recent interview, he claims that during his time in the big horny apple, he's guilt tripped and bullied persuaded 500 women he met on a subway platform into going on dates with… »10/14/14 11:50am10/14/14 11:50am

Watch This Majestic Supercut of Drunk, Barfing NYC Brunch Patrons

To those unfortunate enough to live or stroll near NYC's Pranna on a weekend afternoon, the restaurant/club's unlimited drinks brunch deal only causes headaches. Stumbling out of the establishment are patrons intoxicated to the point of unruliness, barfing, daytime dick unsheathing, and other such booze-related… »8/25/14 3:45pm8/25/14 3:45pm

Sub Fired for Acting Out Dates With 4th Graders, Asking for Love Advice

It's true that children can be very wise. Sometimes they'll just give you nuggets of wisdom when you least expect it. For instance, the other day a small girl told me that no one would ever marry me because I'm too loud. She might be right, but I didn't press. A substitute teacher in New York, however, made the… »5/24/14 3:45pm5/24/14 3:45pm

Woman Gives Birth in the Middle of NYC Street

A woman in labor was trying to hail a cab to the hospital on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on Monday when her baby could no longer wait—she got down on the ground and gave birth right there in the crosswalk on the corner of 68th and 3rd. Fox 5 News cameras happened to catch all the action while on their way to… »2/25/14 10:20am2/25/14 10:20am

Sorry, Paris: New York Is Now the Most Fashionable City in the World

It's long been the goal of many an aspiring fashionista to travel to Paris, the most stylish city in the whole wide world. Unfortunately, this goal may now have to be revisited, not because France isn't worth your time (it is!), but because Paris has been knocked down a peg and might no longer be the the global… »2/04/14 12:10pm2/04/14 12:10pm