Non-Hormonal Birth Control: When in Doubt, Pull-Out. Hold Up, What?

As a Northern Californian, I've got some hippie tendencies and never wanted THE MAN fiddling with my vagina through chemical birth control. So when I saw Refinery29's breakdown of non-hormonal birth control, I got excited. And then I got worried. Apparently, the pull-out method is all the rage these days? »12/16/13 2:40pm12/16/13 2:40pm

The Vaginal Ring to End All Vaginal Rings Might Be Coming Your Way Soon

The world's nations are coming together to create one all-powerful estrogen-free vaginal ring! Well, kind of: researchers from the Dominican Republic, Chile, the U.S., and Edinburgh are working together to design a ring containing ullipristal acetate (the same drug in the emergency contraceptive ella) that would be… »5/14/12 7:45pm5/14/12 7:45pm

There's A Singing Cowgirl In All Of Us; Why Won't Steve Jobs Listen?

  • Dear writers, producers & assorted executives of Ratatouille: Please put more female protagonists in your films. Heck, give Jessie from Toy Story 2 her own film! We effing love Joan Cusack! [Salon]
  • Feministing has published an ode to NuvaRing birth control. Might have been nice if they'd also mentioned that a woman…
  • »7/03/07 3:57pm7/03/07 3:57pm