Calorie Tallies on Nutrition Labels Are Probably Bullshit, Says Science

Have you been mindfully reading the nutrition labels on all the foodstuffs you plan on putting into your body, conscious, perhaps, of the CDC's finding that women who read labels have a lower average BMI than women who abstain from label-reading? Well, congratulations — you've been had once again by the fickle… »2/02/13 4:30pm2/02/13 4:30pm

Ladies Who Read The Nutrition Labels On Food Weigh Less Than Those Who Don't

An annual survey by the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, attempting to throw off the projected 40% obesity rate in America by the next 20 years, has found that women who scrutinize the labels on the back of their food have an average BMI of 1.49 lower than women who don't examine the nutritional value of… »9/15/12 3:40pm9/15/12 3:40pm