The SFBG Has Two Totally Naked Men On Its Cover This Week [NSFW]

Last year, the SF Weekly criticized the San Francisco Bay Guardian for not featuring enough male nudity on the cover of their annual guide to nude beaches — there was visible boobs and bush, but every penis was tucked behind a Psychology Today (creative!) or another dude. "Aside from it being a terrible photo, it… »7/19/12 5:50pm7/19/12 5:50pm

Dirty Sex Fiends Threaten the Future of Wisconsin's Sleepiest Nude Beach

In the heart of Southern Wisconsin, nestled between the small towns of Mazomanie and Sauk City (don't let the "city" fool you — it's population is at just over 3,000 people), lies one the country's most naked gems. Mazo Beach, resting on the banks of the Wisconsin River, is one of the most popular (non-coastal) nude… »7/10/12 1:10pm7/10/12 1:10pm