Unidentified NRA Expo Exhibitor Seeks Thin, Young Bubbly Female Greeters With 'No Odd Piercings'

It’s a sad and sour realization, to know that you’ve aged and tattooed yourself out of your dream job, but that is the sad place many of us find ourselves today: we cannot be greeters at the National Rifle Association Expo in Lousville. Even if you’re not too old or too fat, you’re probably too odd for the job. Take a…


What If Little Red Riding Hood Had a Gun? Story Time With the NRA's Family Blog

NRA Family, the National Rifle Association’s blog for families, recently began publishing a series of classic fairy tales, reimagined to include guns: “Red felt the reassuring weight of the rifle on her shoulder and continued down the path, scanning the trees, knowing that their shadows could provide a hiding place.”


Why Did the NRA Say That Sasha and Malia Have 11 Armed School Guards? (Spoiler Alert: They Don't and Breitbart)

Loyal Jezebel readers/ most people will have seen the charming NRA video which stays really classy by going after Obama's children and calling the President an "elitist hypocrite." Well, they released another video (because they are real auters of le cinema) in which they call Obama a "HYPOCRITE" again, for saying,…