Universities Revoke Honorary Degrees Given to Bill Cosby

In wake of the sexual allegations made against Bill Cosby by more than 40 women, Marquette University in Wisconsin and Fordham University in New York have both decided to pull the honorary degrees they bestowed to the comedian years ago. Fordham presented Cosby with an honorary doctorate of fine arts degree in 2001,… »9/27/15 5:00pm9/27/15 5:00pm


Notre Dame Again Loses Anti-Birth Control 'Religious Freedom' Appeal

An appeals court has once again told the University of Notre Dame that their religious freedom is not being compromised by the fact that they have to fill out a two-page form to get out of covering birth control. The Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago ruled yesterday that the Obama Administration wasn’t… »5/20/15 11:10am5/20/15 11:10am

Notre Dame Engulfed in Fierce Debate Over Dong-Heavy Nude Run

A campus official at the University of Notre Dame is attempting to put a stop to the “Bun Run,” when students from an all-male dorm strip down during finals week and run naked or lightly jockstrapped through campus. Rector Mamie Smith, who’s in charge of a women’s dorm, sent out an email calling the run… »4/29/15 1:20pm4/29/15 1:20pm

SCOTUS Orders Lower Court to Reconsider Notre Dame Birth Control Case

University of Notre Dame really, really doesn't want to cover birth control pills for its employees and students, and it doesn't have to. But it also doesn't want to be forced to fill out a two-page form opting out of birth control coverage, because that too is somehow an infringement of the school's religious… »3/10/15 10:50am3/10/15 10:50am

Notre Dame Says Manti Te'o Is a Victim. That's Rich, Considering Their History of Ignoring Actual Victims.

Notre Dame is notorious for covering up sexual assault allegations involving its football players, but the school declared star linebacker Manti Te'o a "victim" within mere hours after the news broke that his saintlike dead girlfriend never actually existed. Why is Notre Dame in such a rush to assert Te'o's victimhood… »1/17/13 11:35am1/17/13 11:35am

When Will We Stop Pretending That College Athletes Can't Be Rapists?

Mizzou basketball player Michael Dixon Jr. was accused of rape last August, but his charges were dropped due to "insufficient evidence," according to police, and because boys will be boys and she was clearly just a jealous slut who wanted his high-ranking D, according to popular belief everywhere. But this wasn't the… »11/30/12 11:30am11/30/12 11:30am

University of Notre Dame is Fightin' Contraception Access in Giant Anti-Birth Control Lawsuit

We all knew it was coming; what's surprising is that it took this long. The University of Notre Dame and a parade of other religious organizations have filed several lawsuits against the US Department of Health and Human Services today, alleging that a new Preventative Care Mandate in the Affordable Care Act that… »5/21/12 4:30pm5/21/12 4:30pm

Baylor Women's Basketball Caps Perfect Season With National Championship

The Baylor University women's basketball team defeated the Notre Dame Fightin' Irish to win the NCAA women's national championship last night, becoming the first basketball team in NCAA history to win 40 games in a season and only the seventh women's team ever to remain unbeaten for an entire season. The victory was… »4/04/12 1:10pm4/04/12 1:10pm

A Friendly Reminder From Notre Dame: Gandhi Hated Birth Control

Notre Dame pissed off a lot of its law students this week when an email went out on an official listserv comparing women who use birth control to prostitute. The source of the comparison wasn't a Christian conservative, though — it was Gandhi. And the scandal shines some light on his none-too-friendly thoughts about… »2/01/12 3:20pm2/01/12 3:20pm