Lena Dunham on Rape Backlash: 'I Am Angry But I Am Not Alone'

In a long essay published on BuzzFeed Tuesday night, Lena Dunham discussed the various nasty things that have happened since she revealed in her book Not That Kind of Girl that she was allegedly raped in college. "Since coming out as a survivor," she wrote, "I have gone from an intellectual sense of the ways in which… » 12/10/14 11:50am 12/10/14 11:50am

Lena Dunham's Publisher Clarifies Her Alleged Rapist's Name Is Fake

After facing a wealth of insane criticism from the right wing media outlets, Penguin Random House, the publisher of Lena Dunham's memoir Not That Kind of Girl, has announced that they will be clarifying that the name of Dunham's alleged rapist is not real in future books so he will not to be confused with a real man… » 12/09/14 9:50am 12/09/14 9:50am

​Lena Dunham and Amy Poehler Are Almost Tied in Book Sales

There's been tons of publicity around Lena Dunham's and Amy Poehler's new books, so it's no surprise that sales wise, the lady memoirs race is pretty even. » 11/13/14 12:10pm 11/13/14 12:10pm

The Right to a Sexual Narrative: On the Lena Dunham Abuse Claims

The latest phase in the relentless Lena Dunham outrage cycle is an explosive one: people are accusing her of sexual abuse because of a passage in her memoir where she, at age seven, investigates her one-year-old sister's vagina. » 11/04/14 12:10pm 11/04/14 12:10pm

What Kind of Girl Is This Girl? Lena Dunham's Memoir, Reviewed

I excel at avoiding the ubiquitous—push notifications, Knausgaard; libertarians, pumpkin spice—and as a result I came to Not That Kind of Girl in a near-amniotic lack of context. I had never offered an opinion about Lena Dunham or listened to one consciously; except for the thing she wrote about her dog I had… » 10/06/14 12:00pm 10/06/14 12:00pm

Lena Dunham 'Spent So Much Time Ashamed' Following Her Rape

In her new memoir Not That Kind of Girl, Lena Dunham reveals that she was sexually assaulted while she was an undergrad at Oberlin College. "I was at a party, drunk, waiting for attention. And somehow that felt like such a shameful starting off point that I didn't know how to reconcile what had come after," she… » 10/02/14 12:40pm 10/02/14 12:40pm

Spotted: Lena Dunham's Book, in a Train Station, for 30% Off

Although it's supposed to hit stores next week — September 30 — Lena Dunham's book, Not That Kind of Girl, has been spotted at a book store in New York's Penn Station. » 9/25/14 2:20pm 9/25/14 2:20pm

Welcome to September! Here Are Your New Book Releases for the Month

If you're anything like me, you miss back-to-school shopping and annually attempt to fill the void with books, books, books. Here are some of the titles that'll be hitting shelves this month. » 9/02/14 4:10pm 9/02/14 4:10pm

An excerpt of Lena Dunham's new book is available at the New Yorker; in it, she discusses the various therapists she had as a child and then teenager, one of whom eventually led her to her best friend Audrey Gelman. » 8/25/14 10:00am 8/25/14 10:00am

Lena Dunham's Book Gets a Cover and a Release Date

Though her proposal and potential cover was leaked to Gawker over a year ago, Lena Dunham's book now has an official release date – October 7, 2014 – and an official cover. » 2/10/14 2:50pm 2/10/14 2:50pm

Is The "Nice-Girl" Tell-All The New Shocker?

There's always been a conflict between intellectualism and religion - now more than ever. In a new memoir, one writer confesses to being a nice girl in an ironic world. » 7/29/09 3:40pm 7/29/09 3:40pm