Joe Jonas Reveals How Disney Puppet Masters Control Their Teen Stars

In a new interview, we learn that after almost a decade in the music business, Joe Jonas is 24 and "has control" of his life. But we also get a rare glimpse behind the scenes of Disney, the machine that churns out products for kids, tweens and teens to consume — and how it feels to be one of those products. »12/02/13 5:30pm12/02/13 5:30pm


Venezuelan Women Are Getting Nose Jobs To Look More Caucasian

In a quest for la nariz perfilada, the perfectly-formed (read: Anglo-looking) nose, there is an epidemic of rhinoplasties among black and multi-racial women in Venezuela, according to a study out of Dartmouth by assistant anthropology professor Lauren Gulbas. In examining the racial tensions and beauty regimes of… »7/06/13 3:30pm7/06/13 3:30pm

Plastic Surgery Less Popular Than 10 Years Ago

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, while breast enhancement surgeries have increased by 40% in the past 10 years, other cosmetic procedures like nose jobs, face lifts, and liposuction are on the decline. It seems as though—breast implants aside—people are less willing to undergo other invasive… »3/28/11 3:37pm3/28/11 3:37pm

The Paper's Editor-In-Chief Gets A New Nose For News

We cannot stress this enough: The Paper is the best original programming MTV has had in years. The kids are great, the drama is real (unlike some other "reality" shows on the network), and it's really fun to watch kids get so passionate about something other than the color of Lexus they're getting for their sixteenth… »4/22/08 2:00pm4/22/08 2:00pm

My Beautiful Mommy Teaches Kids Why Mommy's Face Is Suddenly "Prettier"

Here's the perfect Mother's Day gift for your favorite surgically-enhanced breeder: My Beautiful Mommy, a picture book explaining plastic surgery to the under-8 set. Mommy is by Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a Florida plastic surgeon who tells Newsweek he was inspired to write the book when he saw parents coming into his… »4/16/08 1:00pm4/16/08 1:00pm

We're wondering why this product, the Model 25 Nose Shaper, never really took off.

We're wondering why this product, the Model 25 Nose Shaper, never really took off. Especially since the ad for it from 1930 promises "to improve the shape of your nose by remodeling the cartilage and fleshy parts, quickly, safely, and painlessly." Oh, and the device can be worn night or day, so even if it doesn't work… »10/29/07 2:45pm10/29/07 2:45pm

'The Hills': Jen Bunney Butts Her Nose Into Season Three

Jen Bunney, the OG shitty best friend, is trying to get back into Lauren Conrad's good graces (or back into the plot line of this season) after she was excommunicated for having kissed Brody Jenner after Lauren briefly dated him. Now that Jen is on speaking terms with both Lauren and Heidi, she's playing the neutral… »10/16/07 11:00am10/16/07 11:00am