Belfast Abortion Clinic Protesters Are 'Christening' Patients' Fetuses

The Guardian reports that protesters outside a Belfast abortion clinic are employing creative new methods to terrorize patients who are on their way inside: playing recordings of crying babies, waving dolls at them, and telling patients that they've "christened" their fetuses. A lot of this is imported from American… » 2/24/15 2:15pm 2/24/15 2:15pm

Game of Thrones Tourism Is Happening, Since Westeros Sounds So Fun

It's not just Ren Faire enthusiasts and Irish-American grandparents who want to vacation on the Emerald Isle anymore, and for that, you can thank Game of Thrones, which films partly outside Belfast. Suddenly the HBO drama is the hottest way to market Ireland as a destination—because doesn't Westeros seem like a darling » 4/15/14 6:30pm 4/15/14 6:30pm

Health Minister Vows to Regulate New Northern Ireland Abortion Clinic…

Less than a week ahead of the ribbon-cutting for Ireland's first-ever abortion clinic, Health Minister Edwin Poots (and let's all take a moment to appreciate that surname) has promised that the Marie Stopes Clinic "will be regulated one way or the other," and is taking legal advice on just how regulated the clinic… » 10/14/12 2:00pm 10/14/12 2:00pm

"Ordering" An Abortion Online: The Choice When You Don't Really Have A…

The BBC is reporting that a website called Women On Web is making abortion-inducing drugs just a mouse-click away. In a British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology survey of 200 women who used the site to order aborificients, 11% went on to need a surgical procedure — either because the drugs didn't complete the… » 7/11/08 12:00pm 7/11/08 12:00pm