Abortion Clinic Protesters Complain Pro-Choice Counter Protest Makes Them Feel Unsafe

Abortion clinic protesters outside of North Dakota’s only abortion clinic are very unhappy this week, because they’re being counter-protested by a guy holding signs reading “Hail Satan” and sarcastically referring to them as “women’s rights experts.” The anti-abortion protesters say their counter-protester is making… »10/22/15 10:10am10/22/15 10:10am


Actively Anti-Gay Legislator Also an Active Grindr User

Congratulations to North Dakota State Representative Randy Boehning! The formerly closeted lawmaker is now out and proud thanks to the fact that no gay dudes are going to cover for an assclown who signs anti-marriage bills and then goes trolling for young sex on the internet. It’s much better out here, Randy! The air… »4/29/15 12:10pm4/29/15 12:10pm

Jackrabbits Take Over North Dakota Development, Breed Uncontrollably

Some Jackrabbits finally decided to live up to their name and multiply all over one North Dakota Development. At first the jackrabbits were welcome. "Right away I thought they were real cute," said one resident. "And now they're becoming a big nuisance," she said of the 40 to 50 jackrabbits she sees running across her… »2/03/15 10:10am2/03/15 10:10am

North Dakota & Colorado Protect Abortion Access, Tennessee Trashes It

In the midst of Tuesday night's many and layered disappointments, at least we have this: both North Dakota and Colorado voters decided overwhelmingly to reject "personhood" measures, nakedly obvious attempts to outlaw abortion by conferring new rights on fetuses. But at the same time, because nothing good came out of… »11/05/14 9:30am11/05/14 9:30am

​Ballot Measures in These Three States Aim To Criminalize Abortion

Another election, another attempt to strip women of their autonomy over their own body in favor of an unborn fetus that may have been conceived through rape or incest and may actually be harmful to the woman's health. Every election, anti-abortion restrictions find their way onto the ballot in some state—this year,… »10/05/14 1:25pm10/05/14 1:25pm

Terrifying White Nationalist City Slowly Forming In North Dakota

Craig Paul Cobb, 61, has purchased a home and 12 vacant properties in Leith, North Dakota — a town of just 19 people — in an attempt to establish an all-Neo-Nazi city with "likeminded volk," according to Raw Story. Cobb, who was previously arrested in Canada on charges of the willful promotion of hatred, likely chose… »8/24/13 2:00pm8/24/13 2:00pm

Worst State Fair Ever Has Squishy Fetus Toys for Unsuspecting Kids

Want a squishy toy fetus with your corn dog? If you're visiting the North Dakota State Fair, you're in luck! Last weekend, local anti-choice advocates slipped soft fetal models into kids' candy bags without parental permission during the fair's gigantic parade. "I don't know exactly where I stand on abortion," one… »7/24/13 11:20am7/24/13 11:20am

Right-Wing StyleWatch: Spring's Hottest Anti-Choice Trends!

Most Americans lack access to affordable health care and believe abortion should be legal, but that hasn't stopped some uber-chic fashionistas from daring to break the rules! We've hand-picked five key ways you can wear the most essential anti-choice trends from the runways — er, courtrooms and Senate floors. Let's… »4/17/13 2:40pm4/17/13 2:40pm