After #YesAllDaughters, School District Creates Sex Assault Task Force

An Oklahoma school district is dramatically overhauling their response to sexual assault, sexual harassment and gender-based bullying after a former student was arrested and charged with raping an unconscious 16-year-old girl. » 12/11/14 2:50pm 12/11/14 2:50pm

After Protest, Alleged Serial Rapist Teen Arrested In Norman, Oklahoma

Tristen Kole Killman, an 18-year-old resident of Norman, Oklahoma, has been arrested on charges that he raped a former classmate at Norman High School. » 12/02/14 3:20pm 12/02/14 3:20pm

Oklahoma Students Stage Walkout to Protest Bullying of Rape Victims

» 11/24/14 2:50pm 11/24/14 2:50pm

Why Were Three Teenage Rape Victims Bullied Out of School in Oklahoma?

Cat Killer

Joe "Cat-Killer" Petcka, the baseball player-cum-actor whose recent trial over the murder of his girlfriend's cat resulted in a hung jury » 9/29/08 9:20am 9/29/08 9:20am last Friday, was on this morning with his attorney. Petcka's claim during the trial was that he was defending himself against the cat (whose name was Norman) after the cat started…

Oxygen Gets ANTM Reruns • Cat-Killer Case Results In Hung Jury

• Oxygen has bought » 9/26/08 5:30pm 9/26/08 5:30pm the off-network rerun rights to the full library of , including current and future cycles. Episodes begin airing in January. • In South Africa, the under the age of 16 has caused progressives to clash with tribal rituals which are supported by Zulus (including Jacob Zuma), who view the testing as…

Petcka, Petkiller

In testimony that began yesterday, a former baseball player-turned-actor who had a brief appearance on Sex and the City » 9/18/08 5:20pm 9/18/08 5:20pm of killing his girlfriend's cat because he was jealous. Joe Petcka is on trial for aggravated cruelty to animals for killing the cat, named Norman, in March of 2007. Petcka's former girlfriend…