Airline’s Baby-Free ‘Quiet Zone’ Doesn’t Really Guarantee Much Quiet

Crying babies are one of about two hundred thousand things that make flying commercial one of the most hellish experiences ever devised by humans, which is why AirAsia, a budget airline in Southeast Asia, will be introducing a "Quiet Zone" in February for passengers who'd rather not be reminded by the wailing of a… »9/26/12 9:30am9/26/12 9:30am


Volunteer Ninjas in London Movie Theater Sound Utterly Terrifying

Let's say you're watching a movie (let's just say it, all hypothetical-like), and this movie that you're watching — in a theater, a dark theater — is about ninjas, and you're confused because the whole thing is in subtitles plus you don't even like ninja movies, so you turn to your friend or your cat that you've snuck… »9/17/12 7:15pm9/17/12 7:15pm

Bars May Soon Finally Have to Turn the Damn Music Down

After years of being accused of being a prematurely elderly misanthrope who hates fun and wouldn't dream of rocking/rolling all night and partying ev-er-y day, your endless complaining about the volume of the inside of bars has finally been vindicated. Turns out, it is much too noisy in bars — so noisy, in fact, that… »7/20/12 6:30pm7/20/12 6:30pm

Breathing Car Exhaust Can Calm You Down (But Can Also Kill You)

Walking along a busy street while taking deep breaths might not sound like a healthy thing to do, and it certainly doesn't sound relaxing. But a new study from Tel Aviv University has found that in fact breathing in a little car exhaust—or carbon monoxide, more specifically—in small doses might actually do you some… »11/13/11 1:05pm11/13/11 1:05pm