Alice Munro's Nobel Prize Interview Is Charming and Inspiring

Alice Munro — the author behind The Lives of Girls and Women, The Moons of Jupiter and Friends of My Youth — was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature this November, but was too unwell to attend the ceremony. While her daughter Jenny was in Sweden to accept the honor on her behalf, Munro has now released a 30-minute… »12/11/13 4:00pm12/11/13 4:00pm

Chocolate Is Clearly the Preferred Treat of Geniuses the World Over

With the Nobel Prize ceremony now a few days behind us, it might be worth asking, "Where the fuck do all these smart-ass people come from?" I mean, I certainly don't know any Nobel-caliber people. Do you? Don't lie to everyone — it's unseemly. Of course you don't know any Nobel winners, and, if you don't start hanging… »10/11/12 12:45pm10/11/12 12:45pm

It's Official: Doris Lessing Really Is Our Fave Bitch Of The Day

Today, the press greeted Golden Notebook author Doris Lessing as she arrived at her home in a taxi. In the clip above, they tell her she was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, and her response is, "Oh Christ. I couldn't care less." She's the saltiest! What's not seen in the clip is that reporters then tried to… »10/11/07 7:00pm10/11/07 7:00pm