Mom's Important Message to Boy Who Likes Her Daughter: Stop Trying

"No" is both one of the easiest and hardest things to understand. On one hand, rejection should stop you in your tracks, but on the other, romantic comedies and personal anecdotes suggest that trying harder is the answer. One mom has some words for a boy who won't take her daughter's "no" at face value. »3/10/15 11:15pm3/10/15 11:15pm


Feminist Group Continues to Fuck With Victoria's Secret By Sneaking 'Consent Panties' Into Stores

Last week, feminist group FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture tried to convince everyone that Victoria's Secret's PINK line was launching a line of consent-themed underwear. The company's legal team nipped their satire advocacy in the bud, so now FORCE is actually placing thongs that say "Ask First" next to real VS panties… »12/13/12 3:20pm12/13/12 3:20pm

But What if Victoria's Secret Launched a Consent-Themed Line of Underpants?

Yesterday, we determined that Victoria's Secret was most definitely not behind a new official-looking yet dubious "PINK Loves CONSENT" line, which featured some certifiable babes (who, refreshingly, did not look like Gisele) rocking underwear with phrases like "No Means No" next to a list of sexual assault statistics. »12/04/12 12:50pm12/04/12 12:50pm