Hallmark Christmas Ornament Changes 'Gay Apparel' to 'Fun Apparel'

Oh man, I'll never forget the moment I got gay. December of '84 it was. I was just a regular garden variety heterosexual toddler, excited about this thing called "Christmas" I'd been hearing so much about in the six months I'd been able to understand human words. I knew it was going to be good. Maybe I'd get that… »10/31/13 5:20pm10/31/13 5:20pm


Boy Scouts Kick Out Gay Eagle Scout in Ongoing Effort to Avoid Homo Germs

Maybe the Boy Scouts should change their motto from "Be Prepared" to "No Homo," since they seem so preoccupied with keeping gay kids out. Earlier this week, the organization doubled down on its "no avowed homosexuals policy," expelling an Eagle Scout after he came out and reaffirming their commitment to perpetuating… »7/19/12 11:30am7/19/12 11:30am