What Was Anyone Thinking Letting Bill de Blasio and Hillary Clinton Joke About 'Colored People Time'?

The conservative Internet is convulsing over a clip of Hillary Clinton and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio making an awkward joke about the mayor running late because he was on “colored people time.” Someone wrote that joke for him to perform. Who the hell thought this was a good idea?

Meghan Trainor's New Song 'No' Boldly Takes on the Experience of Listening to Meghan Trainor

Let me stop you there before you speak,” sings Meghan Trainor, in her boldly meta new single “No,” which is a sonic departure for the artist—reminiscent of the Y2K pop era, rather than the ‘60s—but otherwise aesthetically consistent with the rest of Trainor’s oeuvre in the way its vibe is sort of “haunted wing of…

Counterpoint: The Walk Celebrates a Reckless Man and I Will Not Be Seeing It

“Go see The Walk,” they say. “It’s a dizzying triumph of human perseverance,” they tell me. “Well, fuck you and the tightrope you walked in on,” I reply, because guess what? I am not going to see that movie and I won’t watch the documentary Man on Wire, either. Why? Because both films are about a rude man. Walking on…

Please Help Me, I Am Being Brainwashed by Teva's 'Cool' Rebranding

Last week, I received an email from Opening Ceremony’s newsletter, announcing that their collaboration with a lifestyle sport sandal brand was in stores after having sold out online. The photo showed two geometrically painted legs wearing the OC/Teva collabo, two lightweight, waterproof-suede sandals in shades of…