Fashion-Gazelle Nina Garcia to Help Regular Slobs

How do I get on this show? I want Nina Garcia to dress me up in her love*! Is it like getting on What Not To Wear? Do I have to send in pictures of me wearing sandwich bags as a bra? Or do I need my coworkers to take photos of me wearing my clothes backwards and inside-out? Like, several of them so it looks like that… » 1/23/13 9:30am 1/23/13 9:30am

Glam Gowns and Lurking Lagerfeld at the Fashion Group International…

Last night, fashion designers and celebrities convened at the 29th Annual Fashion Group International Night Of Stars. The FGI is a global, non-profit, professional organization with a mission to be the pre-eminent authority on the business of fashion and design. But all we really want to know is: What did everyone wear » 10/26/12 2:20pm 10/26/12 2:20pm

Target Event Makes Chloe Sevigny Go Wild

Guess we're not the only ones who've marked our calendars for the GO International Designer Collective Launch. Because the stars, apparently, went wild. » 3/11/11 10:45am 3/11/11 10:45am

Lake Bell takes what magazines might term a "quirky eclectic" approach. Michelle Trachtenberg demonstrates a level of coordination my grandmother would approve.

Fashionable Baby-Making: Stella Has A Girl, Nina Has A Boy

Kanye Booed During Thanksgiving Day Parade

Tim Gunn Saw J. Edgar Hoover Cross-Dress

Speaking at the 92Y last night, Project Runway mentor and all-around great human being Tim Gunn said of Season 8, "I had never been part of a season of the show where I found the judges' decision-making to be more...incomprehensible." » 11/15/10 5:50pm 11/15/10 5:50pm

Naomi Campbell Allegedly Set To Marry In An Ancient Egyptian Temple

No, These Clothes Were Not Costumes

With a name like he 27th Annual Night of Stars, the event, at Cipriani, Wall Street, had better deliver. And, with Leighton Meester, Kate Bosworth, Jennifer Connelly and Jane Seymour there, it did. The clothes, now, well...were Halloween-appropriate. » 10/29/10 10:35am 10/29/10 10:35am

Project Runway: 3 Finalists, 1 Meltdown

Last night, Tim Gunn visited the four remaining designers at their homes in Hawaii, Denver, Portland and Palm Springs, and checked up on the collections they'd been designing. » 10/22/10 12:55pm 10/22/10 12:55pm

Can You Believe Project Runway Last Night?

Guys, I am out of the "office" today, but OMG, Ivy! WTF. Feel free to discuss her, the Heidi/Mondo showcase showdown and Gretchen's bike shorts in this open thread. » 10/08/10 12:54pm 10/08/10 12:54pm

Shocking News On Project Runway

Well. That whole "cheater" teaser was such a manipulative misdirection. The producers are jerks! But last night's episode was one of the most stunning, ever. » 10/01/10 1:30pm 10/01/10 1:30pm

Holy Crap: Which Project Runway Contestant Cheated?

In this teaser for Thursday's episode, Tim Gunn says, ominously, "There is an accusation about cheating." Then: A quick snippet of Mondo, teary eyed. Are the producers misdirecting and manipulating us? » 9/27/10 4:57pm 9/27/10 4:57pm

Nina Garcia Is Not Worried About People Of Color In The Fashion Industry

On a conference call just now, I mentioned the Essence/white fashion editor controversy, and asked Nina Garcia if there's enough diversity among fashion editors. Basically? She said yes. She did add that there's always room for improvement, however. » 9/23/10 5:22pm 9/23/10 5:22pm

Project Runway: "Jackie Kennedy Would Not Have Camel Toe"

The challenge: To use Jackie Kennedy as inspiration and create "classic American sportswear." But what's considered "classic," or "American" or "sportswear" varied wildly amongst the designers! » 9/17/10 1:20pm 9/17/10 1:20pm

Project Runway Recap: Vacation Fashion Is Hard Work

The challenge: To create a resort wear ensemble. And have your teammate execute (as in, sew) your design, as you act as a seamstress for them. What counts as "resort"? Funny you should ask! » 9/10/10 3:57pm 9/10/10 3:57pm

Project Runway: Always A Bridesmaid, Never An Avocado Goiter

Last night's episode involved taking hideous polyester bridesmaid dresses and turning them into something wearable. Results were mixed between "Snooki & The Flintstones" and "secretary from 1987." » 9/03/10 12:45pm 9/03/10 12:45pm

Project Runway's Team Challenge Elicits An Angry Rant From Tim Gunn

Last night's episode was one of the most dramatic so far this season, with an epic diva meltdown, tears, anger, betrayal, backstabbing and one very miffed Tim Gunn. » 8/27/10 12:15pm 8/27/10 12:15pm

Christina Hendricks As The Face Of London Fog