Gerard Butler Punches Pap, Earns Anna Wintour's Love

  • So you know how Gerard Butler kicked a paparazzi's ass yesterday? He was definitely provoked. After Gerard allegedly got out of the limo and punched the dude in the face, the photog continued following Butler for more than an hour before going to the hospital. Plus, he called a lawyer before calling the cops. [TMZ]
  • »10/09/08 9:00am10/09/08 9:00am

No Showdown Between Angelina, Brad & Jennifer (Boo!)

  • There was a lot of buzz about Brangelina meeting up with Jennifer Aniston at a pre-Oscars party, but Brad and Angie skipped the bash! No showcase showdown... Yet. [Mirror]
  • Angelina and Brad are "very very happy" about her pregnancy. Did you see her belly? [People]
  • Has Jennifer Aniston "put her eggs on ice"??? A source…
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