Selling American Women on the First At-Home Pregnancy Tests

In 2015, there’s a pretty standard process for what happens if you miss a period or two. You buy a pregnancy test, and you piss on a stick, and you wait. Whatever the results—whether they’re what you want or not—you typically get them in private. Thanks to online shopping, you might not even have to face a cashier… »8/17/15 3:10pm8/17/15 3:10pm

Obama Launches $100 Million Dollar HIV Research Initiative

Just one day after the 25th World AIDS Day, President Obama announced an initiative to find a cure for HIV infections that would be funded by $100 million shifted from existing spending. "The United States should be at the forefront of new discoveries into how to put people into long-term remission without requiring… »12/02/13 10:13pm12/02/13 10:13pm