All Is Lost; Nightmare Man "Surprises" Wife With Her Own Pregnancy 

In an age where elaborately-staged marriage proposals and tearjerking pregnancy reveals are YouTube commonplace, self-proclaimed vloggers must now go to extreme lengths to achieve maximum virality when announcing their most personal family moments online. One man brought this terrifying reality into stark relief… »8/07/15 1:28pm8/07/15 1:28pm

A History of Bedbugs Driving Us Insane

No creature provokes such astronomical panic while presenting such infinitesimal physical danger like the bedbug, an insect linked to no diseases whatsoever. Bedbugs irritate, certainly: they bite your legs, disturb your sleep. But the extreme fear of them—the sense of shame that surrounds a bedbug infestation—stems… »7/16/15 3:40pm7/16/15 3:40pm

Pope’s Philly Visit Causes Serious Wedding Hell

Ah, the unmitigated beauty of a September wedding on the East coast! It's a lovely time of year, the boiling stench of summer having subsided but the chill of deep fall still at arm's length. The weather is reasonably predictable and the leaves are still on the trees. For a wedding, it's a perfect canvas—until the… »1/19/15 1:20pm1/19/15 1:20pm

'I Just Wanted to Vomit Every Second': The Best of the Worst Carnival Cruise Quotes

Reports are trickling in from the passengers aboard the Carnival Cruise ship that was stranded for days in the Gulf of Mexico. After a fire in the engine room disabled the ship, apparently the crew started giving away booze — and then, when people went nuts, had to stop giving away booze. Meanwhile, the sanitation… »2/15/13 3:10pm2/15/13 3:10pm

Teen Embroiled in Horrifying Joint Custody Battle With Her Rapist

A young Massachusetts woman and her family have suddenly been thrown into a nightmarish legal battle to keep her admitted rapist from seeking joint custody of the child he fathered from his crime. A probate court's decision to order the man to pay child support means that he can now also petition the court for joint… »9/26/12 12:40pm9/26/12 12:40pm

Aimee Copeland Spurns Pain Meds in Struggle Against Flesh-Eating Bacteria

The heartbreaking saga of Aimee Copeland's struggle with a relentless case of necrotizing fasciitis that has already claimed her right foot, left leg, and both hands continued Friday with news that the beleaguered young woman is refusing pain meds because of personal convictions. This comes on the heels of a Tuesday… »6/17/12 5:30pm6/17/12 5:30pm

Asshole Neighbor Says People Only Think She's an Asshole Because She's a Single Woman

Minnesota woman Lori Christensen has been charged with three felony counts of aggravated stalking and violating a harassment order after ignoring a restraining order placed against her by her neighbors, the Hoffman family of White Bear Lake, MN. The Hoffmans claim that Christensen's harassment began years ago with… »5/30/12 11:50am5/30/12 11:50am