Holy Shit Nicole Westbrook's Thanksgiving Song Sounded Terrible on Access Hollywood Live

Look, it's cool to get your parents to pay for a silly, overly-produced track by the dudes at ARK Music and then release a laughably simple video in which you sing into a turkey leg, but come on. You do not try to recreate that shit live, even if you are singing right over your own damn voice. It's heartbreaking… »11/15/12 1:40pm11/15/12 1:40pm


Nicole Westbrook Is Now America's #1 Tween Artist in Songs Related to Thanksgiving or Poultry

It's been less than a week since the internet caught wind of infant-tween Nicole Westbrook's "It's Thanksgiving," the newest hit to have been turned out by the totally legit and not-at-all shady ARK Music Factory, and the hate-fueled enthusiasm has yet to die down. Today, your Wisconsin aunt's favorite show Good… »11/13/12 6:00pm11/13/12 6:00pm

Nicole Westbrook's Epic Thanksgiving Song Puts Rebecca Black to Shame

Good news for those of you put off by the complexity of Rebecca Black's "Friday" — ARK Music Factory's Patrice Wilson (who wrote and produced the 2011 internet hate-fueled hit) has introduced us to the musical stylings of yet another dewy-faced young thing who was unfortunate enough to have been gifted a music video… »11/09/12 1:10pm11/09/12 1:10pm