Nicole Miller, For The Black-On-Black Former Goth In You

Nicole Miller's fall 2013 runway presentation at this year's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York answered the time-honored question: What's a one-time Hot Topic-clad 15-year-old to wear now that she's all grown up? Vintage-inspired boxy menswear in shades of black and plaid, obviously. Plus some granny brocade and… »2/09/13 5:30pm2/09/13 5:30pm

Amy Winehouse Gets Own Inspires Someone Else's Clothing Line

  • Funny, this picture of Amy Winehouse looking "healthy and stylish" still looks off. British label PPQ is bringing the troubled singer's long-rumored fashion line to fruition — if you count PPQ "providing all materials and doing the design," as anything like having your own collection. [This is London]
  • »5/22/09 11:30am5/22/09 11:30am

Dear David: Everyone Knows You Can't Work with More Than One Rapper!

  • Sean Combs wants to work on a fashion line with David Beckham. But he can't. Because Becks is already working on a sneaker line with Snoop Dogg! [Fashionista]
  • Diddy also harasses mom-and-pop cufflink site "Cuff Daddy" for name infringement. Busy man! [TMZ]
  • Memories of fashion icon YSL. [NY Times]
  • Console yourself by…
  • »6/03/08 12:30pm6/03/08 12:30pm

This Fall, We'll All Be Flappers On Acid In French Boarding Schools

New York Fashion Week kicked off on Friday at the tents in Bryant Park, and in the ensuing three days, plenty of big-name designers have given us their vision of what women can look forward to, sartorially that is, once winter passes, summer swelters, and the chill sets in again. Designers as disparate as Diane von… »2/04/08 10:30am2/04/08 10:30am