Nickelodeon Is Bringing Back the Classics to Help You Feel Again (It Won't Work)

You might be a ‘90s kid if you constantly feel it: the ache in your back, the tiresome realization of Oh, this again? every time you wake up in the morning to go to your dreary 9-5, the understanding that love isn’t what you thought it would be. Adulthood has been a cold hard drag, but every so often, memories of… »9/03/15 11:30am9/03/15 11:30am


Great news if there are small kids in your life you occasionally need to distract: The New York Time

Great news if there are small kids in your life you occasionally need to distract: The New York Times says that, in a conference call, Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman announced they're developing an unbundled, streaming Nickelodeon offering, under a new brand. Hope this means I can get The World of David the Gnome on my… »1/29/15 12:40pm1/29/15 12:40pm

Nickelodeon Star Comes Out in Mega-Charming YouTube Video

Do you remember Fred, that super bizarro web series-turned-movie-turned short-lived Nickelodeon show? It's about a hyperactive teen named Fred Figglehorn—played and originated by Lucas Cruikshank—who runs around screaming and does weird stuff, much to the delight of children everywhere. When you watch it, you're like… »8/21/13 10:30pm8/21/13 10:30pm

Everything I Know I learned From Pepper Ann

Though I was barely pushing 10 at the tail end of the epic era of Pepper Ann meets Ashley Spinelli, has a drink with Power Puff Girls and potentially breeds Kim Possible, I seriously think that these years were some of the most formative in the development of my sense of self. As a self-identified feminist, I often… »8/20/13 3:30pm8/20/13 3:30pm

Behold: Marc Summers Is the Most Wonderful TV Host Ever

Holy shit, this Marc Summers interview on Buzzfeed is quite possibly the most revelatory thing you’ll see all day. Maybe it won’t surprise you to learn that the popular Nickelodeon goo called Gak that grade school children in the mid-90s used as lint brushes actually derives its name from the street moniker for heroin. »8/16/13 2:00pm8/16/13 2:00pm

Why Was Doug from Doug White When Everyone Else Was Multicolored?

Because the Internet was created for the sole purpose of indulging in '90s nostalgia, I would like to take this opportunity to address an unsolved mystery from my early childhood: why was Doug Funnies' family white-looking when everyone else populating their fictional world was green, purple, or orange (except for … »5/30/13 5:00pm5/30/13 5:00pm

If Kids Could Vote, Barack Obama Would Be Double Mega-President

Well, the world might be in the shitter, but at least the future is bright! (Kind of. Except for all the parts that we're systematically covering in shit. But, you know.) In Nickelodeon's annual Kids Pick the President poll, our nation's wise young fake-voters fake-reelected Barack Obama by a landslide, and said… »10/23/12 6:30pm10/23/12 6:30pm

Mitt Romney Is Too Busy Killing Muppets to Answer Kids' Interview Questions

In case you missed it: Less than a week after threatening to murder Big Bird and then chuckling about it in front of millions of horrified but oddly entranced Americans, Presidential Candi-bot Mitt Romney has dealt another overly theatrical middle finger to the kids in America — he's become only the third candidate in… »10/09/12 1:35pm10/09/12 1:35pm

Scary-Good TV: The Best Halloween Specials Ever

Halloween: The time of year when all your favorite TV characters don crazy costumes and become involved in totally nonsensical plots, just for the sake of a holiday-themed episode. I love bad television just as much as I love good — and as such here's a collection of the best/worst Halloween episodes the idiot box has… »10/31/11 5:45pm10/31/11 5:45pm