Want to Contact Your Horrible Ex? Let This Fantasy App Torture You Out of It With Nickelback 

A fun thing to do, if you’re newly single/want to ruin your day, is looking up your ex online, staring at their profile, and hoping that they’ll feel the subliminal messages you’re sending them to come back. But what if there was an app that stopped that? And what if that app played Nickelback until you stopped… »11/18/15 5:30pm11/18/15 5:30pm


Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger Marry, Forming Unholy Music Alliance

After a star-crossed engagement with Brody Jenner back in the infancy of this current decade, Avril Lavigne has finally married...Chad Kroeger, the dude from Nickelback. That's right, North America — our pop stars are growing up and marrying members of the jock rock bands that have singlehandedly kept the Now That's… »6/30/13 11:30am6/30/13 11:30am