Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Was Covered in Chocolate at the Gangster Squad

Well, technically he was covered in a chocolate brown suit. But a gal can dream! The premiere of Gangster Squad took place at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California, and while some of the big guns were dressed appropriately for the Tinseltown event, others suffered a misfire. Shall we take a look? » 1/08/13 2:15pm 1/08/13 2:15pm

Jaw-Dropping Magazine Cover Atrociously Asks, 'Who'll Die Next?'

Today we are one step closer to our sick Hunger-Games-esque apocalyptic future, because the new issue of Globe magazine — dated June 11, 2012 — features the frightening and disgusting coverline "WHO'LL DIE NEXT?" » 5/31/12 12:50pm 5/31/12 12:50pm

The Curse Of People's Sexiest Man Alive

People's "Sexiest Man Alive": a title without equal or a sinister curse that will rob you, world's sexiest heartthrob, of your career, your dignity, your freedom...and your life?! » 7/20/10 2:55pm 7/20/10 2:55pm

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