This Week Things Got Ugly Up In Here

Nick & Norah's Realistic Portrayal Of Teen Sex

Prescient soothsayer Richard Lawson over at Gawker was totally right in his irrational hatred » 10/07/08 2:30pm 10/07/08 2:30pm of : it is a quarterlifer's false idealization of his or her generic suburban teenhood. However, having seen the movie I need to defend one instance where becomes a completely realistic portrayal of New Jersey-bred nerds.…

The Earnest Fumbling Manchildren Of Film Make Crappy Boyfriends

Hollywood Elsewhere's » 10/01/08 12:00pm 10/01/08 12:00pm resident crank Jeffery Wells wondered earlier this week if Michael Cera's in part because he plays the same role over and over again. While I'm excited to see Cera in when it hits theaters Friday, I have to concur that he is playing the same hypersensitive, passive, awkward semi-loser that he…

The New Teri Garrs: Five Actresses We'd Want To Get A Beer With

The Teri Garr interview in the Onion's AV Club is unabashedly awesome; she's simply her no-nonsense, snarky self for several thousand lovely words. Garr, who has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for a long time and in 2006 had a brain aneurysm that left her pretty damaged, has since gone through tough rehabilitation… » 7/23/08 1:00pm 7/23/08 1:00pm