Dear God, The Longest Ride Trailer Is Peak Nicholas Sparks

It's that time of the year again, when the earth begins to prepare itself for the next installment of Nicholas Sparks' borderline oppressive young-hot-love-but-will-they-make-it? stories. He really stepped their game up this time because The Longest Ride features not one, but two whole terrible romances in two… »12/23/14 6:40pm12/23/14 6:40pm

​I Pulled a Black Friday All-Nighter & Lived to Tell the Tale (Barely)

It's Thanksgiving evening, roughly 7:30 p.m. "Are you sure you don't want to bail?" my mother-in-law asks, with barely concealed concern, as we approach the exit for the Secaucus, New Jersey Walmart. I promise I'll text updates and swear that if something goes hideously awry and I'm marooned in a sea of big-box… »12/03/14 2:10pm12/03/14 2:10pm

Canoe Rides, Beach Towns, and Lovesick White People: Yep, a New Nicholas Sparks Movie Is on Its Way

Nicholas "Hemingway" Sparks sure has his formula down pat. Sad hot white lady meets sad hot white dude. Someone is dead. Someone dies. They fall in love in a quaint small town. They sit in a canoe. They bone in the rain. Trials. Tribulations. Trust that the audience will all be a the right point in their menstrual… »10/24/12 12:00pm10/24/12 12:00pm