No One Knows Who the Hell Is in Charge Anymore

Did you hear? Men are over. No, wait. Women are over. Women never began. Men are in now all boys. Women are banding together to keep boys down. Women are glitter-obsessed little girls. Scratch that. They're confident business bosses being pressed under the glass ceiling and pinned down like insect specimens. Forget… »10/01/12 11:40am10/01/12 11:40am


America Without Abortion Would Be An Absolute Horror Show

This year, rather than fix the economy or create jobs, American lawmakers have opted to focus their attention instead on working their evangelical butts off to make sure that there are as many obstacles between a woman and reproductive control as possible, using esoteric imaginary justification to introduce… »11/17/11 1:50pm11/17/11 1:50pm

Sweatshops? Don't Sweat 'Em! NY Times Columnist Tells 'O' Magazine Readers

We were totally down with the message of the O magazine August cover story "Chill: 21 Things You Should Stop Worrying About Right Now" (Sample entry: 'Worry Lines — stop worrying about 'em!' LOLZ.) But we really related to the question, "When I buy clothing made in Third World countries, am I exploiting the poor?" We… »7/26/07 12:30pm7/26/07 12:30pm