Designers, Gisele Will Refuse To Wear Your Insane Ankle-Breaker High…

Balenciaga creative director Nicholas Ghesquière says that when Gisele Bündchen (pictured here in Balenciaga's seasonal campaign), Amber Valletta, and Carolyn Murphy refused to wear his high heels, he decided to design some flat shoes. We're picturing some kind of supermodel superdelegate triad descending on the… » 8/16/11 12:45pm 8/16/11 12:45pm

Ladies, Tom Ford Would Do You Too

"Calvin Klein, Go Back In The Closet!"

Gorgeous Couture By A Spanish Master

Cristóbal Balenciaga, the elder statesman of the avant-garde, Spanish Civil War refugee, designer mentor to Hubert de Givenchy and André Courrèges, died in 1972. But a new exhibit of some of his best work sheds light on his complicated life. » 11/19/10 3:33pm 11/19/10 3:33pm

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