Judith Regan Vs. Rupert Murdoch: Who Has The Bigger Cock?

Former HarperCollins imprint editor and assistant taunting "crazy bitch" Judith Regan finally filed a $100 million defamation lawsuit against NewsCorp, HarperCollins' parent company yesterday, almost a year after she was fired for planning a certain O.J. Simpson confessional and also for alleged anti-Semitic remarks.… »11/14/07 9:30am11/14/07 9:30am

Dear Page Six Mag, If At First You Don't Succeed... Don't Invite Back Jennifer Esposito?

Dear Page Six Magazine,
Decent issue this week! I know, I always say that, only to go off some tangent involving me shitting all over something because I can't help myself it's what I do, but before I get to that I'd like to point out the serendipity of your feature, "Congrats! You're Out Of A Job!" by Helen… »10/30/07 8:30pm10/30/07 8:30pm

How Rupert Murdoch Is Bad For Women: 'Fashion Journal' Smackdown Edition

You asked us to find a way News Corp.'s acquisition of Dow Jones was bad for women, and in today's Wall Street Journal we finally found our answer in the form of not one, but two separate lady-penned "Personal Journal" section stories exhorting the womyns to wear uncomfortable clothes in the workplace, even when it's… »8/02/07 1:17pm8/02/07 1:17pm