The Most Amazing Wedding Text Message Fight of Our Time

Allow me to paint you a picture. Imagine you're asked to attend the wedding of a former colleague, and suppose you say yes. Instead of giving a more traditional wedding gift, you decide to go rogue by curating your own gift baskets filled with culinary delights like marshmallow fluff and Jolly Ranchers. You attach a… »6/20/13 11:20am6/20/13 11:20am

Watch This Gay Couple Bicker Over the News of Whitney Houston's Death

On last night's episode of Bravo's Newlyweds: The First Year, we got to watch engaged couple Jeff and Blair experience Whitney Houston's death together. Or more precisely, we got to watch their dramatic retelling of how they learned about her death the night before via text message when Blair screamed and Jeff… »5/21/13 12:05pm5/21/13 12:05pm

Thanks to Insufferable Newlyweds, Morning-After Wedding Photography Is Now a Thing

While there are some couples who can pull off weddings that are undeniably enjoyable — Friends! Open bars! Dancing! — it's no secret that, more often than not, being a wedding guest is a total pain in the ass. The amount of money that you have to sink into someone else's nuptials, what with the cost of travel and a… »8/24/12 4:40pm8/24/12 4:40pm

Man Posts Evidence of Bride's Lost Virginity To Facebook, World Retches

Few things have greater potential to be irritating than post-wedding Facebook posts from newlyweds, but it looks like one dude has really taken things to an unprecedented level, posting an image of bloodied sheets and proudly telling the whole world that he and his new wife had just had awkward, hymen shredding sex.… »11/21/11 3:00pm11/21/11 3:00pm

22 Families Affected By The Reality TV Divorce Curse

There have been seven divorces that have occurred on The Real Housewives franchise in the five years since its premiere. The most recent casualty of this "divorce curse," Vicki Gunvalson, blames reality TV for her marital troubles telling CNN recently, "We didn't have 90 percent of the problems that we have now and I… »5/02/11 5:15pm5/02/11 5:15pm