Sleeping Next to Newborns May Sap Men’s Precious Stores of Man Aura

A study of fathers in the Philippines so hot and fresh that if it were a waffle it would burn a hole into the roof of your mouth and melt all your fillings (you really should have flossed) suggests that new dads who sleep in close proximity to their kids experience temporary decreases in testosterone. Though the study… »9/06/12 2:40pm9/06/12 2:40pm


Forget Boner-Killing Bloody Vaginas: Childbirth Can Make Men Mentally-Ill

"Why Men Should NEVER Be At The Birth Of Their Child" blares the headline in today's Daily Mail. But if you assume that the accompanying story immediately launches into an appeal for a return to "modesty" and warnings about how witnessing childbirth can kill a man's libido, you'd be wrong. (That crops up in the third »4/16/08 12:30pm4/16/08 12:30pm