Adele Seriously Needs to Emphasize Her Damn Consonants

Adele’s “Hello,” the most popular song on earth, is a miasma of sustained notes and guttural emotion conveying heartbreak that is viscerally relatable to just about everyone over the age of eight. But even if you like the song and its itinerant remixes, it has one clear drawback, as recently illuminated by the New… »11/19/15 12:20pm11/19/15 12:20pm


Hey New York Times Crossword Puzzle, What Does This Clue Mean?

The New York Times crossword puzzle is a hallowed institution of yesteryear, one that is useful in distinguishing normal people from people good at one very specific, generally useless skill. Apparently, its worldview (or its editor Will Shortz’s worldview) has not been updated for the modern puzzle aficionado. »11/18/15 2:50pm11/18/15 2:50pm

Weep for the Upper East Side Couple Who Agreed to Pay $42,000 to Get a Carpet Cleaned

If you were lucky enough to read the New York Times this weekend, you got a glimpse into an emblematic New York story, a tale of woe familiar to anyone who’s ever struggled to make it in this harsh, costly city: A lady agreed to pay an insane amount of money to clean her Persian carpet and then her husband got mad. »10/26/15 10:30am10/26/15 10:30am

Quentin Tarantino Feels Oppressed by 'Black Critics,' Should Sit the Hell Down

In the same issue of T that spawned Miranda July’s Rihanna profile and this smoking hot Lagerfeld quote, Quentin Tarantino is interviewed by Bret Easton Ellis for a wild romp into his “Gonzo Vision.” As the two sip wine and opine on cinema in his Hollywood Hills abode (so gonzo!), the author sneers at “the policing of… »10/13/15 10:30am10/13/15 10:30am

“Just 158 families...contributed $176 million in the first phase of the campaign...Not since before

“Just 158 families...contributed $176 million in the first phase of the campaign...Not since before Watergate have so few people and businesses provided so much early money in a campaign, most of it through channels legalized by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision five years ago.” The New York Times’ story… »10/11/15 1:10pm10/11/15 1:10pm

Here's Why Hundreds of Nail Salon Owners Are Protesting the New York Times

At 10 a.m. on Tuesday, October 6, a large crowd of nail salon owners and workers gathered outside the Manhattan offices of the New York Times. They came demanding apology and retribution for a two-part exposé by Sarah Maslin Nir, which, they say, has caused “grievous harm to our reputations and to our small shops.”
»10/07/15 1:30pm10/07/15 1:30pm

How ISIS Uses Rape and Sexual Slavery as a Recruiting Tool and a Business

Horrifying reports continue to pile up about the ways in which the Islamic State is using the rape and sexual slavery of Yazidi women as a tool of war. A new report in the New York Times makes it clear that it’s also become an attractive recruiting tool, a draw for men from conservative Muslim societies where casual… »8/13/15 9:55am8/13/15 9:55am

New York Times Rebuts Nail Salon Owner: Our Series Was 'Damning'

The New York Times has issued a rebuttal to former Times journalist and current spa owner Richard Bernstein, who wrote in the New York Review of Books that nail salons can’t possibly be as bad as the NYT suggested in their series “Unvarnished.” The Times says they are standing by the series and that Bernstein is… »7/28/15 3:00pm7/28/15 3:00pm

Man Who Co-Owns Nails Salons Thinks They're Just Great, So

The New York Review of Books ran a rebuttal this weekend to the much-talked about New York Times series “Unvarnished,” Sarah Maslin Nir’s yearlong investigation into the horrendous labor practices at many New York nail salons. The rebuttal, written by former reporter and current nail salon owner Richard Bernstein,… »7/27/15 9:55am7/27/15 9:55am

Do Not Let the NYT Troll You About 'Young Women Planning Career Pauses'

The “Women, You’re Fucked” genre of media troll-piece is one of the most flexible and expansive in existence, within which the “Work/Life Balance” subcategory consistently brings in terrific numbers, and if you hit the trifecta of “Harvard” + “Straights Only” + “My, Isn’t It Authoritative When I Say the Names of… »7/23/15 10:30am7/23/15 10:30am

Of Course There's a P.R. Firm That Cleans Up Celebrity Wikipedia Pages

Do you ever wonder who updates the Wikipedia pages of celebrities? In many cases, it’s the fans. In others, it’s the “orchestra of users” who feel obligated to maintain a service they use for free. But have you ever looked at an entry so free from even remotely negative facts about the subject and thought, “Did they… »6/23/15 2:30pm6/23/15 2:30pm

New Legislation Protecting Nail Salon Workers Has Been Passed

A month after the “Unvarnished” series from the New York Times exposed illegal operations behind the scenes of nail salons and the exploitation of their immigrant workers, The New York State Assembly passed legislation that will help protect salon employees from unsafe working conditions while also making sure they… »6/20/15 4:55pm6/20/15 4:55pm

I Went to a New Pencil Shop Because the Times Called It 'Intoxicating'

C. W. Pencil Enterprise, a shop that sells pencils and pencil accessories, opened in Manhattan’s Lower East Side recently, and The New York Times is in love. Despite the fact that they cannot even figure out “who uses a pencil anymore,” they think opening a pencil shop in 2015 is a wonderful idea. “Intoxicating” even.… »5/19/15 6:00pm5/19/15 6:00pm