Muriel Siebert, First Woman on the NYSE, Dead at 80

Muriel Siebert, often times known as "Mickie," passed away this Saturday at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. She was 80 years old. » 8/26/13 2:50pm 8/26/13 2:50pm

The New York Stock Exchange Really Needs to Move the Women's Restroom

No doubt that the goals of the Moving the Needle campaign are noble. Their aim is to help diversify US corporations by creating opportunities for a diverse set of candidates to network with established businesses. » 8/02/12 3:10pm 8/02/12 3:10pm

Sketchy Billionaire Dumps A Chunk Of American Apparel Shares

Ex-Bill Clinton B.F.F., improbable modelizer, and owner of the private jet known as "Air Fuck One" Ron Burkle bought $6 million worth of American Apparel shares last summer. Then the stock price pretty much plummeted. Now he's reducing his stake. » 1/26/11 5:44pm 1/26/11 5:44pm

Elves Desperately Try To Inject Some Cheer Into A Bad Scene

[New York, November 23: Not even Santa's holiday gun-jumping elves could save stocks from falling yesterday. Probably because they were actually doing some stunt for OfficeMax, and weren't elves at all. Lies! Image via Getty.] » 11/24/10 11:54am 11/24/10 11:54am

Lanvin For H&M Rumored To Be In Works

Five Things American Apparel Could Do To Save Itself

Nobody's favorite t-shirt company is facing hard times. Loans are coming due. Financial reports are five months late. Sales are falling. Auditors are quitting. Stock prices are plummeting. Investors are investigating. But Dov Charney maybe can still turn things around. » 8/17/10 5:30pm 8/17/10 5:30pm

Today's The Day American Apparel's Number Is Up

Many months ago, a little upstart t-shirt concern didn't file its quarterly results on time. The New York Stock Exchange warned the company to file by August 16, or face delisting. We called our friend Dov Charney to learn more. » 8/16/10 5:24pm 8/16/10 5:24pm

Economy Suffers From Jersey Shore-Effect

[New York, July 27. Cast members of MTV's "Jersey Shore" reality series participate in opening bell ceremonies of the New York Stock Exchange. Image via AP] » 7/27/10 3:00pm 7/27/10 3:00pm