Andrew Keegan, Cult Leader: 'Today, I'm Here to Activate High Vibes'

This week's issue of New York Magazine includes an interview with former teen heartthrob Andrew Keegan, who recently co-founded a "community spiritual center" called Full Circle. I've never been more jealous of a writer in my life. » 3/09/15 11:45am 3/09/15 11:45am

Joni Mitchell: 'All My Battles Were With Male Egos' 

Joni Mitchell has never strayed far from the collective memory, but in recent months she's emerged from the wings with a major fashion campaign, an oral history in Vanity Fair, and this New York magazine cover story by Carl Swanson, titled "Joni Mitchell, Unyielding." » 2/09/15 10:45am 2/09/15 10:45am

Chris Rock Wants to Act With Kerry Washington In a Nancy Meyers Romcom

The cover story of this week's New York magazine is a delightfully lengthy interview with Chris Rock by Frank Rich and in it, Rock expounds race relations in America, whether his kids think he's funny and his love of Nancy Meyers. » 12/01/14 12:40pm 12/01/14 12:40pm

Justin Bieber Needs Some Therapy ASAP

Justin Bieber has not granted a solo interview in almost two years, and won't release new music until next year. Yet his life — his behavior, his arrest, his lawsuits — continues to make headlines. What the hell is going on in Camp Bieber? » 7/01/14 3:30pm 7/01/14 3:30pm

Glaring Omissions From New York Magazine's Terry Richardson Story

When I first read Benjamin Wallace's profile of Terry Richardson for New York magazine — which examines the photographer's behavior and wonders whether he's an artist or a predator, when the answer is quite obviously that he's both — it seemed fairly obvious to me that Richardson's extensive history of bad behavior… » 6/18/14 11:00am 6/18/14 11:00am

Everything Wrong With New York Magazine's Terry Richardson Cover Story

"Is Terry Richardson an Artist or a Predator?" wonders New York Magazine. Phrasing the proposition in that way — as an either-or binary — is not only insultingly reductive, it's also wildly misleading: as though it's possible that the end product justifies the sexual coercion that created it, or that a respected… » 6/16/14 12:16pm 6/16/14 12:16pm

Source: New York Mag Plotting Terry Richardson-Is-Innocent Cover Story

A source tells us that an upcoming issue of New York will feature a cover story basically absolving fashion photographer Terry Richardson. » 6/10/14 5:00pm 6/10/14 5:00pm

Shailene Woodley and Brie Larson Are Out Here to Save Hollywood

Lynn Hirschberg spoke to actresses Shailene Woodley and Brie Larson for this week's issue of New York magazine, and if her profile is to be believed, these two are going to revolutionize Hollywood for all Woman(or Human)kind. » 6/02/14 11:40am 6/02/14 11:40am

Lara Logan Worked Her Sex Appeal Until It Worked Against Her

Apparently you really can't talk about Lara Logan without mentioning about how hot she is. A new, over 6,000 word piece by Joe Hagan for New York magazine about whether or not Logan will return to 60 Minutes devotes over 1,000 words to her looks and (bonus!) her sex life. » 5/05/14 1:40pm 5/05/14 1:40pm

Tilda Swinton Describes Tilda Swinton Quite Beautifully

The profile of Tilda Swinton in the new issue of New York magazine reveals many wonderful things about the intriguing, enigmatic actress. » 4/07/14 5:00pm 4/07/14 5:00pm

Peggy Olson Is Topless in Overalls on New York Mag Cover

What do you call "overalls" if there's nothing under them? Overnudes? Covernones? The Nipplechafe Express? Regardless, this week's issue of New York Magazine features Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss rocking the heck out of totally 90's fashion trend. Up next: butterfly clips and flannel shirts tied around waists. » 3/10/14 3:15pm 3/10/14 3:15pm

Lupita Nyong'o Eats Her Sandwiches With a Knife and Fork

Lupita Nyong'o graces the cover of the new issue of New York magazine. Love, love, love the glorious photos by Erik Madigan Heck. Inside, the profile paints the actress and newly-dubbed "it" girl as very bright, a bit circumspect, and very, very polite. » 2/10/14 4:15pm 2/10/14 4:15pm

Notes on Taylor Swift and Her Tchotchke Fantasy Loft o' Cluttered Dreams

Taylor Swift is more famous that Lady Gaga or Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus (note Beyoncé is not in that list). So argues New York magazine's Jody Rosen, in this week's cover story on the pop star that paints her particular brand of ommygoshsoblessedtobedoingthis, IneverthoughtIcouldbethislucky,… » 11/18/13 12:00pm 11/18/13 12:00pm

Fired Business Insider CTO Digs Himself Into An Even Deeper Douchehole

New York magazine's Dan Amira got an interview with the recently fired Business Insider CTO Pax Dickinson and while we can assume Dickinson did the interview in order to try to take control of his rapidly deteriorating image as a smart and articulate person, it's clear now that he should probably stop trying. » 9/13/13 5:25pm 9/13/13 5:25pm

New York Magazine Asks Bunch of Dudes How Big Their Boner Is For Philip…

In honor of Philip Roth's upcoming 80th birthday, New York asked a panel of "30 literati" (including five women, fyi) how much they loved the esteemed novelist. Do they loooooove him? Or do they reeeallllly loooooove him? » 2/25/13 6:30pm 2/25/13 6:30pm

Jessica Simpson Is Not An Idiot

All of our celebrities have roles to play — bad boy, sex symbol, party gal — and Jessica Simpson has been saddled with "dumb blonde." To be sure, she had a hand in the script for this part — no matter what she does or where she goes, years later, "Chicken Of The Sea" is mentioned. And although New York magazine's… » 2/15/11 6:00pm 2/15/11 6:00pm

Arianna Huffington Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It doesn't matter that there have already been 800 profiles of and interviews with Arianna Huffington. New ones are still endlessly entertaining. » 9/03/10 4:05pm 9/03/10 4:05pm

Scandal-Plagued Celebrity Midwife Strikes Back In Court

Celebrity midwife Cara Muhlhahn—made famous by Ricki Lake's documentary The Business Of Being Born—is suing New York magazine for $1 million for libel, we've learned. This comes as Muhlhahn fields her own malpractice lawsuit, after a stillborn birth. » 8/26/10 2:23pm 8/26/10 2:23pm

90-Year-Old Fashionista Wears Eyelashes Made From Own Hair

Ilona Smithkin is fast becoming a fashion influencer: the 90-year-old has recently featured on Advanced Style and in New York magazine. We love her handmade eyelashes, but even better: "I feel beautiful inside and that's beautiful enough for me." [AdvacnedStyle] » 6/11/10 11:20am 6/11/10 11:20am

Video: Betty White Gropes Topless Tracy Morgan

Wondering what happened at the photo shoot for Betty White and Tracy Morgan's New York Magazine cover? According to behind-the-scenes video, Tracy took off his shirt and Betty White fondled him. Which is pretty much what you were imagining, no? » 5/17/10 1:00pm 5/17/10 1:00pm