Center Stage fans will leap with excitement about AOL's new web series about the New York City Ballet, narrated and executive produced by Sarah Jessica Parker. It's all there: the dance, the drama, the toe shoes. Except Zoe Saldana. She's not there. » 11/05/13 1:30pm 11/05/13 1:30pm

Behind the Scenes of the New York City Ballet

Ballet companies, to those of us not in the know, always seem like the most intriguing places. Like, it seems like a safe bet that they're all haunted by sad 19th century Russian ballerinas who died after being driven to madness by their multiple lovers and now spend their ghost-y days tormenting the living dancers.… » 11/08/12 1:35pm 11/08/12 1:35pm

High-Culture Galas, High-Style Celebs

Across the land, celebs were supporting the arts — from the New York City Ballet's gala to the opening of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the clothes were a show of their own...for good and ill. » 10/08/10 12:22pm 10/08/10 12:22pm

Everything Is Beautiful At The Ballet

We don't often wish we were at these events, but from the impromptu dancing with ballet greats to Natalie Portman's amazing getup to the seriously bizarre socialite-wear, the New York City Ballet's opening night celebration at Lincoln Center looked fabulous. » 11/25/09 10:30am 11/25/09 10:30am

Behind The Scenes At The Ballet

It takes dozens of tutus, a stockpile of ballet shoes, and a team of costumers to outfit the New York City Ballet. In a new slide show New York magazine tours the ballet's wardrobe department. [NY Mag] » 7/10/09 3:30pm 7/10/09 3:30pm

End Of An Era

Darci Kistler, 44, the sole remaining ballerina at New York City Ballet to have danced under the company's legendary founder George Balanchine, has announced that she's retiring after 28 years. [New York Times] » 2/05/09 7:20pm 2/05/09 7:20pm