New York City Is Still Plugging Away at the Whole Topless Ladies Thing

The amount of time spent by the New York City government on the question of Times Square’s off-brand costumed performers and bare-breasted “desnudas” continues to compound, as a mayoral task force recommends rules for “when and where” they can pester tourists for money. Isn’t it great that literally all of the city’s… »10/01/15 10:25am10/01/15 10:25am

Woman Claims She Was Fired From Synagogue Job for Having Premarital Sex 

The oldest Jewish synagogue in the United States allegedly fired one of its longtime employees after finding out the woman was pregnant at the time of her wedding. Alana Shultz was working as a program director for the Congregation Shearith Israel in Manhattan since 2004. On June 28, she married her fiancé in an… »9/23/15 9:30pm9/23/15 9:30pm

New York City to Finally Provide More Emergency Shelter for Domestic Violence Victims 

For the first time since 2009, New York City is planning to add more beds in emergency and transitional shelters for victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence is believed to be one of the driving forces behind the city’s skyrocketing homelessness problem, along with mental illness and unemployment. »9/21/15 11:50am9/21/15 11:50am

Unholy New York Scalpers Are Selling Tickets to See Pope Francis for Thousands of Dollars 

On September 25, Pope Francis will travel through Central Park to meet New York’s faithful. In preparation, New Yorkers are doing what they do best: trying to fleece each other out of a few bucks. Enterprising scalpers jockeying for their place in Hell reserved free papal visit tickets and are now trying to sell them… »9/14/15 6:10pm9/14/15 6:10pm

After NYC Reduced Funding For STD Clinics, STD Rates Skyrocketed

In March of this year, the most popular free STD clinic in New York City was shut down. BuzzFeed reports it was the third closing of a major NYC clinic in five years, and one of the many “discreet changes” to public health services made since 2010. Turns out, when you spends less money on STD prevention, STD rates go… »8/31/15 12:10pm8/31/15 12:10pm

Suicide in the Ultra-Orthodox Community, Where the Dead Come First 

No one knows how many ultra-orthodox men and women kill themselves every year. It’s hard to know when there are so many ways to die in silence, by drugs, by overdose, by drowning. The victims leave no note, and it all goes by—the announcement, the burial—as if it were an accident, just another self-destructive tragedy.
»8/24/15 1:10pm8/24/15 1:10pm

Andrew Cuomo Wants Nearly-Naked Topless Performers Out of Times Square

There’s a scourge of topless women plaguing Time Square. The formerly very-un-family-friendly and then very-family-friendly area of New York where tourists flock to see billboards and eat at The Olive Garden has been overrun with with bare-chested painted ladies, and neither NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio or Governor Andrew… »8/19/15 5:40pm8/19/15 5:40pm

E’Dena Hines, Granddaughter of Morgan Freeman, Fatally Stabbed

Very sad news. E’Dena Hines, the step-granddaughter of actor Morgan Freeman, was stabbed to death in New York City. Police officers found Hines lying in the street outside of her home with multiple stab wounds to her torso, reports People. Hines is the granddaughter of Freeman’s first wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw.
»8/16/15 4:00pm8/16/15 4:00pm

What You Find on a Stroll Through New York City’s Macabre Past

Life in modern-day NYC sure ain’t what it used to be—and thank god for that, because living here used to be downright hellish. From its beginnings as a fur trading outpost and ensuing rise to the top of the global metropolitan heap, the Big Apple has always kept its metaphorical hands dirty. The pages of our fair… »8/13/15 3:07pm8/13/15 3:07pm

New York's Club Icons Gather to Support the Legendary Stephen Saban

Stephen Saban, the man seen in the above video touring NYC’s “dead clubs,” is a well-loved figure from the city’s nightclub scene in the 80s. Saban was a founding editor of Details magazine, with a popular column that chronicled the era’s most famous parties. Friends and former colleagues of the now 69-year-old have… »7/30/15 11:45pm7/30/15 11:45pm

Sister Ping: The Pirate Whose Treasure Was the American Dream

Work hard, and you can be anything you want to be. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and take advantage of the Land of Opportunity. Slogans like these have become the tired parlance of political campaigns on both sides of the aisle, every candidate arguing that the American dream is suffering, but they can… »6/30/15 2:00pm6/30/15 2:00pm

Rape and Sexual Assault Reports Climb in New York City

The New York Times reports that from January 1 to May 31, 540 rapes were reported in New York City. That number represents an eight percent increase from last year. In addition to the rise in reported rapes, misdemeanor sex crimes—which includes everything from unwanted touching to being groped on the subway—have… »6/07/15 1:30pm6/07/15 1:30pm